10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Shower Every Day

A few years ago, I wrote a post about how I don’t shower every day, and how annoying it is to deal with people who think I should be showering every day. Apparently, that post was ahead of it’s time, because showering daily is a big topic of discussion at the moment. A few days ago, Buzzfeed wrote an article about how two dermatologists said we don’t need to shower every day. Yesterday, Naya Rivera went in a different direction, and made a comment that makes no sense about how showering every day is a “white people thing.”

So, what’s the verdict? You don’t need to shower every day. In fact, you shouldn’t shower every day because it’s not good for you. Personally, I’m thrilled to hear this. I don’t think there was ever a time in my life when I showered every single day. I just don’t have the time! My hair is very high-maintenance, and washing it every day would mean drying it every day, which would mean I would literally never be able to make it to anything. I try to shower (washing hair and all) only two to three times a week. The only time I do it more often than that is when I’m working out. If I’ve just hit the gym, I’ll jump in the shower to wash my body without getting my hair wet.

A lot of people find this “gross.” If you’re one of those people, keep reading, because I’m about to prove you wrong. If you’re not one of those people, keep reading, because I’m about to give you information you can shove in someone’s face when they raise their eyebrows at the fact that you didn’t shower that morning. Here are 10 reasons why you definitely shouldn’t shower every day: 

Do you shower every day? How often do you shower? Do you agree or disagree with me? Tell me in the comments.

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I’m Not Showering – Don’t Call Me Gross

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  • Kevin Miletiller

    I’ve noticed my hair getting thinner and thinner, I’m afraid that i’m losing my hair. As i’ve been showering every single day for the past 6 years have anything to do with my hair getting thinner?

  • Astrid Ellison

    I know many people are discouraged by this, because they get super oily after one day. I used to be like this and hated myself for being so disgusting. I would always try to restore my pH balance by not showering on the weekends, but around came Monday and I was too grossed out to not take a shower. But during the summer I made it my mission to restore my body and I didn’t shower for 3 days and I showered in ice cold water for 15 minutes max. on the fourth. I jumped into the cycle of not showering for 3 days. By the second week, I noticed intense changes. My acne was reduced so much it was literally glowing (it was amazing), my hair felt wonderful, and my excessive oil production had almost completely stopped. Only tips are serious dedication to your body and its health, don’t be insecure about your body oil ~ it’s natural and YOU know that you’re helping your body in some way, and dry shampoo or baking soda will always be there when you need them. I was so insecure, because all my brothers and sisters (all 10 of ’em) could go days without showering and still look like gods & goddesses. I can’t believe I said that, but it’s true. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favor and you don’t have to explain that to no one.

  • Wilfredo

    Look I totally agree with you why shower everysingleday because it really doesn’t let you breathe and I also Agree you don’t have time for it everyday and it does feel crazy ass hell taking a shower everysingleday it looks to me like a crazy OCD problem if your soo clean why take a shower everday that’s nuts but ya that’s true I Agreed Thanks for this.

  • ImperialChick001

    My sister in law and I just had this discussion last night. She asked if I showered my kids every day and I said no. She goes well don’t you shower every day? No. And then proceeded to tell me that I was gross.
    Um, I sit at home all day with my kids. I’m not sweating or getting dirty in any way. Why the heck would I NEED to shower?
    I tried explaining to her that it causes you to lose good bacteria and all that, but there wasn’t any getting through to her. Whatever.
    I shower when I’ve been sweating, or had gotten dirty in some sort of way, or when I need to go into town. 3 to 4 times a week it totally fine with me!

  • Anthony

    I’m glad to have found this, since no one ever believes me when I say daily showers are bad for you.

  • Asia Ferrell

    I have never heard of this lol… Every one I know including myself has always showered one or twice a day, and I am a black woman. To each their own but this method will not work for me or anyone seeking to be in a relationship with me lol. How can you put clean clothes on a dirty body? Also, you don’t have to wash your hair every time you shower, that’s just common sense. That’s what shower caps are for…

  • Tasha Ashford

    Is it a Good thing or a bad thing to take showers everyday? Well I watch a kid that’s 11 and he thinks he has to take a shower everyday and I told him that he shouldn’t cuz it dries up your hair and your body, so should he take showers everyday or will that hurt you

  • Mars Watson

    these points are no excuse to not shower everyday but i learned a lot tho

  • chelle

    FINALLY someone said it! Showering every day is such a water waster, and you aren’t even dirty! I shower every OTHER day, so yeah, about 3 times a week. ITS NOT GROSS. Jyst slap some deodorant and perfume on, change your undies, and you’re good to go!

    • fabian

      You got a point

    • Wilfredo

      Hey I understand you to have the point about water waste and about you not even dirty.totally Agree.I take a shower every 5 times a week atleast

  • Atina

    I have no choice but to shower every day. My hair gets incredibly oily if I don’t wash it that day and looks disgusting. I wish I could go days without showering, but some of us don’t have that privilege.

    • jayda miller

      You can put baby powder or dry shampoo on your roots. The reason people hair gets oily a lot really fast is because they’re hair gets so used to them washing it a lot that if they don’t wash it everyday, it produces the oil. So you can start washing your hair less and when your hair does get oily and you don’t want to wash, or can’t wash your hair then use some baby powder or dry shampoo, because baby powder takes out the extra moisture that isn’t needed, and then just brush it through, and style.

      • Luke Daniel Borel

        I don’t shampoo my hair anymore and it no longer gets oily. The reason hair gets oily is that after you shampoo your hair is dry and frizzy (if you don’t use conditioner or shampoo with conditioner in it). So then naturally your hair will feel oily compared to your frizzy hair. If you use conditioner your hair will feel oily right away. Another thing is that millions of people die each year because of a lack of clean drinkable water. And of course even more millions dye from starvation. I never shower and I never clean my body. I do wash my hands many times a day. If my groin gets oily I just use my hands to wipe away the greasy substance and that takes care of that problem. Yes I do get occasional body odor, however it is worth having a lot of healthy flora and fauna. Also I am at peace knowing I am doing my part in conserving clean drinking water that could be shipped on tankers to areas of the world that are in desperate need. The same goes for food, I hear we waste 40 percent of our food in the United States, so I try never to waste food, and I try to eat all the food that is in front of me.

  • John

    Who came up with this shit? Ah someone who doesn’t like to shower, of course. Listen to me carefully, don’t listen to the pile of shit in this article. Bathe twice a day and use lotion to prevent dry skin, it’s healthy for you and will save you from problems in your relationships.

    • Alex:)

      It is not healthy to shower everyday, you have no clue what you are talking about. In order for our skin to function as intended we are not supposed to be over washing aka showering everyday, when you are constantly showering your are stripping you skin of it’s natural acid mantle which protects our skin from bacteria, fungus’s and infections, so if you shower daily don’t be surprised if you end up with infections or suffer from skin irritations such as people with psoriasis ect. should not be washing everyday it only aggravates there condition and believe me i know this from personal experience as someone who used to shower daily and suffered from chronic psoriasis then my doctor recommend me to stop showering daily and shower every other day or every 3 days and after taking my doctors advise my psoriasis cleared up in a month and have not had any outbreaks ever since!. Being too clean is bad for us there is nothing wrong with showering every other day wear deodorant change your clothes and you can even wipe your skin down with some baby wipes if your to bothered about not showering otherwise you should not be dirty and your skin will thank-you less wrinkles, no more dry flaking skin and if you have oily skin and shower daily once you stop showering everyday your skin with time will become less oily, remeber when you constantly strip oils from your skin your skin will work hard to replace lost oils resulting in over production of oils.

    • Wilfredo

      Dod relax..be nice.

  • sonni

    im sorry, but showering 2-3 times a week is just plain disgusting. i cant leave my house unless ive showered, and im not even a clean freak. i just enjoy good personal hygiene and expect the same from my peers!

    • jbooth1031

      If you read the article, you would see that showering every day isn’t necessary for good personal hygiene.

  • Klara

    Unfortunately I smell really bad unless I shower every day o.o And ever since using accutane I’ve been sensitive to scents so I can’t just cover the stench with perfume