8 Facts & Tips On How To Use BB Creams For Makeup Beginners

Face makeup comes in so many different varieties from foundation to concealer to powder to the latest: BB creams. I love BB creams and have been using them for years. I still use foundation and stuff too, but BB creams are perfect for days when I don’t need a lot of coverage or during the summer when everything feels like it’s melting off your face. They’re hailed as little miracles, and that’s because they do lots of different things.

BB creams are pretty awesome, but they can still be kind of confusing, especially if you’re new to makeup. Don’t be afraid though because they’re a lot more simple than you think. Check out these 8 facts and tips about BB creams that you should know:

Do you use BB creams? What’s your favorite brand? What other tips do you have? Tell us in the comments below!
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    Actually I saw a bb cream at right aid that helps acne