Lazy Girls Guide To Trying New Things In 2015

It’s a new year, so that means a brand new you, right? I mean, we’ve all made resolutions about doing things differently than we have in the past hoping for a different result. Maybe you’re over being nervous about wearing the color red, so this year you’ve vowed to work that color into a bunch of your outfits. Or you’ve been toying with the idea of trying a new club at school. Perhaps you want to venture completely out of your comfort zone and try a new sport that you’ve never played, but think it will be loads of fun.

We should all try new things at some point in our lives. Being challenged or taken out of our comfort zone is a good thing. For me, I’m trying to explore the city that I live in more rather than sitting in my apartment watching Netflix all weekend. I’m probably going to get lost, get really frustrated, and might even freeze to death, but hey, it’ll be fun right? If you’re a little nervous about doing things you’ve never done before, then have no worries! Here are 10 brilliant tips to follow to help you try new things in 2015.

Psych Yourself Out

Everyone knows the best way to never try anything new, is to psych yourself out of doing it. You know, keep telling yourself you can, until you literally can't move and just sit there giving yourself a minor panic attack. Totally fine.

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Get Really, Really Excited

Whenever you try new things you get super excited, because well, you're excited. But no one has to know that you didn't actually try the new thing. Just show your enthusiasm for all things new and people will totally think that you're actually doing them.

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Get Really Good At Taking Pictures

You're going to need all the fake evidence you can get. Start collecting props, outfits that you would wear, and get good at playing with the lighting. These will all come in handy when it's time to "prove" that you've been doing your new things.

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It's as simple as that. Just lie. No harm, no foul. Let people assume what they want and don't correct them if they happen to assume that you're totally sticking to your try something new calendar.

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Just Don't

It's the easiest way to go about this whole thing. Millions of people every day say that they are going to try new things, and millions of them don't. Why should you go against the masses?

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Bribe Others To Vouch For You

You are going to need people in your corner to vouch for you trying things. Slip them a couple bills every now and then to keep their stories straight. Of course, they saw you at volleyball tryouts yesterday, and you were awesome!

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Get As Close As Possible

Getting super close to actually trying something is the same as actually trying it, right? Right! Want to try out for the school play? Walk up to the audition doors, and then turn around. Next year will be your year for sure!

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Have Backup Plans

You're going to need to have backup plans for your backup plans if you're going to fool others into believing that you're trying new things. Be prepared for everything.

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Study Up

Learning about an activity that you want to try is basically trying. Start studying the things that you say you want to try. That way when someone asks you what you've learned from your new activity, you'll be able to rattle things off super fast. #CrushedIt

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Quit After A Day

If there is no way you can get around trying something new, then your best bet is to go for it, and then quit. You TRIED! And that's all that counts.

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Are you trying new things this year? Have you vowed to challenge yourself a little more? Let us know in the comments below! 


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