8 Glasses Frames You Should Rock To Match Your Personal Style

I’ve recently started wearing contacts pretty often, but my heart still holds a flame for my glasses. Plus, hell, sometimes I don’t feel like forcing a slippery piece of material into my eye! Since most of us don’t have multiple pairs of glasses, it’s important to at least have a pair that we can feel comfortable rocking every day. That means that it has to fit our personal style pretty damn well.

This is totally subjective, of course, but if you’re in the market for a new pair of glasses that don’t cost a ton of money and match your style profile, check out these eight cute  glasses!


You love all things old school, so you should obviously have a pair of glasses that show off your love and Audrey Hepburn movies and Eartha Kitt's glamour. Cateye glasses work perfectly for this look and are an instant throwback to the '50s and '60s.

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You admit it, you're a girl who likes to rock trends. No hate, it's all good! You do you, and do it by rocking the most popular glasses look: Big, bold and round. Go for a color other than brown or black, too, for a little extra umph.

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Round, geeky and absolutely classic. If you definitely embody bookworm habits and a comfy, casual style, these round frames are perfect for you. Now, go grab a book and snuggle up to the fireplace.

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Sure, you could go with the classic black, square framed glasses that have been so popular in alt circles...or you can put a spin on it. Move on from the look of emo rockers of yesteryear and move forward with these black frames with a rimless bottom. They're edgy but still work for an everyday look.

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If you have a style that is all about clean lines, simple colors and no unnecessary fluff, go with glasses that match! These small, rectangular glasses get the job done and look cute, too, without drawing too much unnecessary attention.

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Okay, is anyone else reminded of Professor Trelawny? If you'd describe your personal style as eclectic, zany and a little bohemian, these glasses will look rad on you. They're a little kooky but in the best way possible.

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Laugh all you want, but I know that some of you are just itching to wear some clear framed glasses with your mom jeans and that thrifted shirt from the '90s. Hell, I know I am. Get the whole look with these massive clear frames.

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Is there a shape that you prefer for your glasses frames? Where do you usually go get your glasses? Tell us in the comments!

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