Would You Rather: Fashion Crises

underwearEver been in an embarrassing situation? You know: can’t breathe, can’t think, don’t know what to do, the walls are closing in and there is no way out type of situation? I hear from a lot of people, in times like these, that there is so much fear that one just freezes up and may feel as though they were dying. Yep, this is certainly true when it comes to certain fashion emergencies.

We’ve all had them at one part in our lives and remember them fondly… or, er, not so fondly. My first fashion emergency happened at a water park with friends. I went down a water slide and as soon as I hit the water, my top flew off. There is nothing worse than swimming one-handed, trying to cover your boobs, and getting your top on at the same time. Especially, with the eyes of 20 12-year-old boys around and your friends laughing so hard they can’t help you. I still can’t go down a water slide to this day without reliving that moment. It’s time to play this week’s round of would you rather: fashion crises. Which situation is worse? You decide.

Have any of these crises happened to you? How did you survive? Let us know in the comments below! 


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