Which New Girl Character Are You Most Like?

I-likeEvery Tuesday night, my butt is on my couch watching the latest episodes of my favorite show. It’s about a quirky girl who lives with a bunch of guys, and the knee-slapping-can’t-breath-laughing type of situations they get into to. If you haven’t guessed which show I’m talking about, it’s New Girl. I’m not sure why I find the show so hilariously funny, but I just do. I love each of the characters for their unique characteristics.

I’m attracted to the cool, casual way Nick lives his life. I’m obsessed with Cece’s sarcastic remarks and how she has a huge heart, and my favorite character, Schmidt, always puts a smile on my face with his ridiculous sayings and thought process. Have you ever thought about what you would be like if you lived in  a house full of boys? Find out which New Girl character you’re most like in this week’s quiz! 

Do you agree with the character you got? Do you think you are way more like another character on the show? Let us know in the comments below! 

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