25 Jokes That Only True Harry Potter Fans Will Understand

If you know us at all, you obviously know that we are obsessed with Harry Potter. We could siriusly talk about Harry Potter all day, and it would never be riddikulus. (Hehe get it?) We just can’t get enough of our favorite series, and I don’t think we ever will. I find myself falling into some kind of Harry Potter black hole at least once a day, but I don’t hate it.

One of the best things about HP is how many amazing jokes and memes came out of it. The internet is a wonderful place, especially when you find Harry Potter jokes. Check out some of my favorites:

1. This easy way to tell if you’ve got a good boyfriend or not:

2. This amazing ad that should be real:

Why isn’t Always on this?

3. This accurate representation of the Hogwarts houses:

4. This fantastic GIF of Dumbledore:

5. This amazing wordplay:

We’ll never be ~*mortals*~

6. This movie poster that needs to become an actual movie immediately:

7. This majestic pun:

Hehe I see what you did there.

8. This classic mix-up:

9. This encouragement from Hagrid:

10. This amazing Katy Perry parody:


11. These beautiful advertisements for products:


True life: Drake Instagrammed this once.

13. This ~cute~ thing that friends do:

14. This representation of how cool Hagrid is:

15. This perfect mashup of Mean Girls and HP:

16. And this one:

17. OMG and this one:

18. This “I’ve got your nose” depiction:

19. This depiction of how Voldemort likes to dance:

He’s just bein’ Voldy.

20. This realization:

21. THIS:

Crying, you guys.

22. This rewrite of “99 Problems”:

23. This valid question:

I mean…

24. This incredible yet sad GIF:

25. This episode of MTV Cribs we’re dying for:

What do you think of these jokes? Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!
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  • garçon broke

    I have literally seen all of these before

    • Brian Whitley

      literally . . . or actually? 🙂

  • Gaïa Joyeux

    there’s just Gandalf in there…

  • taisietastic the awesome

    hahahahaha. i got ur nose and mouldy-voldy is a teen girl got me

  • Ava The Grape

    I’m dying I’m pretty sure my mom is worried about me I can’t help my tears and my sniffles I’m glad I have the sniffles because It guarantees a nose.

  • Michelle

    the hapy potter is so funny i laughed so hard. losinit malfoy. and the katy perry snape one tho.

  • Joseph

    sparkle. rons a keeper. snapes on a plane.. 😛

  • Sarah_Star


  • Devon C.

    you’re a planet, pluto. Typical Hagrid lol I laughed so hard

  • Anonymous

    ha ha. Snape. yasssssssssssss

  • Kate

    Omg that miley Cyrus one though xD