8 Female Friendships From Movies And TV That Should Have Ended In Romance

So what’s the deal with every friendship-turning-into-romance plotline being so hetero? Seriously, it’s as if the entertainment world only considers cis-female and cis-male dudes capable of flirting with each other to the point of passionate make out session and updated relationship status on Facebook. Get real. Romance blossoms between girls who are friends with each other all the time!

You’ve probably watched some TV show or movie in which two female characters would make a much better couple than whatever straight one that winds up being endgame. If you’re nodding vigorously right now you’ve probably considered one of these eight female friendships that should have ended in romance. If not, well, it’s time to open your eyes, girl!


Pocahontas And Nakoma From Pocahontas

John Smith was nothing but trouble, okay? These two are way cuter and come without the cost of the destruction of their civilization. Can we also talk about how romantic it was when they were jumping off of waterfalls and stuff and spitting water at each other like come on.

Beca And Chloe In Pitch Perfect

How did these two not even end up together? They were happiest when they were around each other and--um--that shower duet...can we talk about the shower duet? Let's talk about the shower duet.

Jess And Jules From Bend It Like Beckham

Okay, this movie didn't even need the romance subplot it had, even if it was with a babe like Jonathan Rhys Meyers. This movie was about girl power, girl friendships, girl everything. Jess and Jules were so close that Jules' family suspected that they were in a lesbian relationship in the movie. Honestly, they should have been because they would have been the cutest pair of soccer playing GFs on the planet. Well, at least in the UK.

Tori And Jade In Victorius

If we can accept the whole opposites attract thing when it comes to guys and girls, why can't we get with it for girls and, er, other girls? Like, who wouldn't love to see that happening between Jade and Tori. Yeah, yeah, Jade and Beck were cute in a dysfunctional way, too...but just imagine how much cuter and more dysfunctional Tori and Jade would be.

Luna And Ginny In Harry Potter

Okay, Ginny and Harry are a great pairing, too--okay, mostly in the books--but the idea of Ginny and Luna is pretty next level cute, right? Luna is such a shameless oddball and Ginny repeatedly defended Luna when others wouldn't. Ginny is pretty and popular and all but above all that she is feisty and won't let anybody mistreat the ones she cares about most. Luna gets to be her weird ol' self while Ginny hexes anyone who dares insult her weirdo GF. Insert dreamy sigh here.

Franky And Mini In Skins

So Skins was so close to making this happen. So, so, so, so, so close to making Franky--the androgynous pansexual chick--end up with Mini--the high strung, foul mouthed princess who initially seemed to hate Franky's guts. They even shared a kiss and other super flirty moments. But no, they both ended up with awful dudes. Never getting over this.

Saz And Amber In Some Girls

Saz and Amber both seem to have pretty crap luck with dudes throughout Some Girls. It's been so crap that these two total opposites would probably be better luck for each other than with other dudes. Sure, Saz would probably go bonkers over how much of a ditz Amber is, but they do love each other deep down. Plus, Amber already kissed Saz once before so why not give it another go?

Serena And Blair In Gossip Girl

You're probably wondering how the hell these two would make for a good couple when they're already beyond dysfunctional as friends. Good question, would love to watch a show with these two as a couple so that we can all find out.

Okay, what other female friends should have been a couple? Do you think there needs to be more same sex representation in the media? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Tally

    Miley and Lilly from Hannah Montana!

  • Vanessa

    Correction, in the show her name is Tori, not Victoria.