Would You Rather: BFF Issues

bffTwo girls have been my best friends since I was in grade school. We’ve known each other so long that it’s like we share one mind.  It’s really great to have people that know you so well and sometimes know you better than you know yourself. At the same time, being so close with people can definitely cause some major issues.

Like all friendships, you and your BFFs will go through some trying times. It’s really hard when you’re growing up and changing and your best friends are too. Friends get into fights, stop talking, or completely break up from time to time. This is normal, especially when you’ve grown up with these people at you side. Friendships require work, but you know who your real friends are if you can make it through the hard times. Decide which issues would you rather go through with your BFFs.

Have you ever dealt with any of these issues with your BFFs? How did you guys make it through the rough patches? Let us know in the comments below! 


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  • Serena

    Me and my friends wouldn’t fight over a boy, as I’m gay.
    Saying ‘boy/girl’ might be more inclusive. Thanks.