12 Attractive Male Fictional TV Characters Who Would Actually Be The Worst Boyfriends Ever

When you’re watching a TV show and feel immersed in the fictional world, the characters always seem like they would be amazing to date. They always say and do the right thing, and even when they don’t, they come off as adorable, quirky, and charming. This is especially true when it comes to male characters. They are always wonderful, no matter what their personalities are, and they always make great boyfriends.

But the truth is, even though they seem perfect, most of them really wouldn’t be in real life. Think about your favorite male TV character, and then honestly think about what he would be like in real life. Or, just read this. This Reddit thread on fictional characters who would be terrible to really date is awesome. Here are 12 attractive male TV characters who would be the worst boyfriends ever. 

Which of these characters are you the most attracted to? Which one would you want to date? Which do you disagree with? Who did we forget? Tell me in the comments.

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