15 Inspiring Things You Need To Remember In 2015

Happy New Year’s Eve, you guys! We’re about to enter 2015, which is so wild. I can’t believe it’s already here! I don’t know about y’all, but 2014 was a little rough for me. I had a lot going on, I went through a terrible breakup, I moved. It was really hectic and not the most positive year.

But I started really understanding my anxiety and how to conquer it. I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I got to do some really cool secret things for Gurl that I can’t share quite yet. Basically, as the year came to a close, I started thinking more positively and realizing that 2015 is going to be great.

I think everyone can use a little help in the inspiration department because we all tend to forget. So check out these inspiring messages to remember in 2015:

1. If you’re having a bad day, remember that things could be worse:

2. Don’t think of bad things as bad. Think of them as twists instead:

3. Turn your mistakes into birds:

4. Remember that you can’t satisfy everyone.

5. Never forget that chocolate is good for you.

6. If you’re feeling down, know that someone believes in you.

7. Set goals for yourself:
pretty cool

8. You have more time than you think you do.

9. If you feel like you can’t do something, this little hedgehog is cheering for you!

10. Believe in yourself.

11. Bad things can easily be solved with cookies.

12. Remember to think about others.

13. You can make anything happen if you believe in it enough:

14. Always keep in mind that the smallest things can be the most powerful.

15. And always tell yourself what you love about YOU:

What’s your favorite inspirational message above? What do you want to remember for 2015? Tell us in the comments below!
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  • Patti K

    This is a delightful post. I loved them! I’ve printed them out to keep them in my office. As a deerfield divorce lawyer , it can be a little dreary sometimes.