10 Last Minute Gift Ideas For When You Totally Forgot

We’ve all been there: standing in the longest line possible waiting to pay for a gift that you’re sure the person is going to hate because you didn’t put that much effort into finding it. We all like to think that as soon as Thanksgiving is over, we will be so on top of our gift giving game. No repeats of last year! But yet, there you are, in the place you didn’t want to be, freaking out about getting everything on time.

It’s not your fault, really. December is always the month that seems to go on forever and yet you never get anything done. Between finishing up school assignments, going to friend’s holiday parties, some people’s gift just get lost in the shuffle of it all. If you’ve ever been in this situation, then you know exactly what I am talking about. Here are 10 great gift ideas for when you totally forgot about certain people. 

Buy Everything

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Take your parents credit cards and go on a huge spending spree. Don't even look at what you are buying or the price tags. Get in and out as fast as you can. Your parents will totally understand that this was an emergency situation and won't punish you at all.

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Clean Out Your Room

You have so much stuff that you never use or wear. Why waste money on new things when you can give things away? It's a win-win situation. You get to make more space for all your new gifts and the receiver will totally think they got an amazingly thoughtful gift.

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Create A Bath Set From Stuff You Already Have

Everyone loves spa bathroom gifts. These are the easiest things to give when you're in a pickle. Run to your hall closet and start shopping! Take the good towels that are only used for guests, grab the nice soap and lotion dish and wrap it all up in a bow. Problem solved!

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Buy Dog Toys For Your Younger Siblings And Cousins

Toys for young kids can be expensive and who has time to stand in those crazy lines at the toy stores. Make your life easier and head over to your local dollar store and pick up some fun looking dog toys. They're super cheap and basically the same as the over priced toys at the mall. No one will know the difference and you will save a ton of money and time.

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Wrap A Charger

Everyone needs phone chargers. If you're stuck and have no time to get a gift, wrap one of your chargers and give it away. Super easy!

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Gift Old Makeup You No Longer Want

There is nothing worse than buying a ton of new beauty products only to find out that the color is all wrong, or you hate the way it looks on you. Don't cry over unused foundation, re-gift it! That's right any beauty product you hate or know that you won't use again wrap it up and give it to someone else. They will never know, and now you have more space in your makeup bag.

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Head To The Drugstore

The malls can be crazy this time of year with all the other last minute shoppers. In order to avoid this chaos, head to your local drugstore. You can find gifts for every single person on your list in one place. No one will suspect a thing once everything is wrapped.

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Take Your Mom's Old Jewelry

Buying gifts for the older ladies in your family can get kind of expensive, especially if they like jewelry. A great way to go is giveaway some of your mom's old stuff. She won't even know it's missing and your other relatives will love how much time and effort you took to getting them something that they love.

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Re-Gift A Bad Gift

There is nothing worse than getting an awful gift. If you're stuck with something that you hate, not to worry. Just re-gift it to someone else. It's not a bad idea at all. Just make sure you don't re-gift the bad gift to the same person who gave it to you, that could get kind of awkward.

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Homemade Treats

When in a panic about giving a gift, go with something that everyone likes, homemade treats! No one will ever be upset to get yummy treats and they will totally love you for it. Keep the part about your running to the grocery store last night out of your story. They won't notice the difference at all.

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For REAL tips on last minute gift ideas, check this out! 

Have you ever been stuck in this situation? How did you manage to get all of your gifts on time? Let us know in the comments below! 

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