10 Thoughts You’ll Have When You’re Wrapping Presents

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is giving presents to my friends and family. I love gifting, but actually wrapping said gifts is not on my list of fun activities. I’m an amazing gift wrapper because I have tiny hands, which are great for folding tiny corners and such.

Except, everyone makes me wrap everyone else’s presents so I hate it. I also think it’s insane that we spend so much money on wrapping paper only for it to get tossed in the trash. It’s ridiculous! Yet we do it anyway. Check out these thoughts you’ll have when wrapping presents:

1. Why did I buy so many presents?

Definitely didn’t consider the wrap factor…

2. Everyone in my life is so lucky.

I am so generous.

3. I don’t even think I have enough wrapping paper for this.

I shouldn’t waste so much paper or spend that much money on it.

4. I feel really bad for all the trees…

At least wrapping paper is pretty?

5. How do I even?

I don’t know how to wrap this object. Why did I buy this?

6. Can I just bring the gifts out come present time so I don’t have to do this?

It can be a new tradition!

7. I’m putting everything in gift bags.

Screw this.

8. How does Santa do it??


9. Oh, right, the elves. I need elves.

Where can I get some elves?

10. Ugh whatever.

It’s just gonna get ripped open anyway.

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10 thoughts you’ll have when holiday shopping for bae

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