7 Weird Places That Every Girl Grows Hair (So Stop Freaking Out!)

Last winter I stopped shaving my legs, a very freeing move that left me a lot less pruney after my showers. still left me a little self-conscious . Yep, the hairs would be visible whenever I happened to cuff up bottoms of my jeans, sometimes leading me to pull up my socks or kept my ankles crossed, but I still felt no motivation to shave until it was time to whip out the short shorts in the springtime. Nevertheless, while I stopped shaving my legs, I didn’t neglect hair removal elsewhere, namely my face.

Yes, I have facial hair…just like every other girl on the planet.

We associate facial hair and excess body hair as a male trait and we’ve been socialized to view hair growing anywhere aside from our head as unsightly and unfeminine. But…we know for damn sure that ladies get hairy as hell, too. Of course, some of us have coarser hair than others and some of us have darker hair than others, but if you feel like the only girl who has to deal with a few hairs on your chin, you’re definitely not. Seirously, you’re not. Check out these seven weird places that tons of girls grow hair because it’s time to stop feeling like a freak!


As someone who has a few hairs sprouting out of my chin, I agree that it's definitely annoying. But it's a lot more normal than you might think, especially for those of you with dark, course hair. Honestly, nobody is going to notice that random hair under your chin unless they are getting way up in your grill.

Photo source: My So-Called Life


Who doesn't have a happy trail? We all have a happy trail that leads straight to our pubes unless we decide to shave it away, which many girls do. Yeah, girls shaving their stomachs. It happens, especially in the summertime. You're not a werewolf because of that!

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Upper Lip

Girls get mustaches. I repeat, girls get mustaches. Sure, not necessarily thick ones but we all get 'em...even if we don't like to talk about it. They're harder to see on girls with light hair and light skin but trust they're there...lurkin'.

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Okay, so not every girl grows hair on their knuckles. In fact, it's totally up to genetics! As a girl who does have hair on my knuckles, however, I can tell you that it is silly to be self-conscious about it. It's hardly noticeable and it's not like you're going to go and shave your knuckles now. I mean, you might but...don't do that.

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You might not have chest hair like a 70s stud muffin, but it's totally normal to have hair sprouting out of your nipples and across your chest. Yes, hairy nips, they're normal. Pluck em if you want but eh...

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Women don't go through puberty without hair coming out of their butt, okay? We aren't all hairless porn stars! That's why Brazilian waxes exist. So I repeat, there's hair...there's hair up your butt...that's normal. Don't feel like a freak because of it and anybody who does make you feel like one sucks and needs to worry about their own butt hair, got it?

Photo source: My Mad Fat Diary


Congrats, you have a neck beard! No but really, a few stray hairs on your neck is nothing to be alarmed about. Honestly, you probably don't notice it most of the time. They're sneaky little guys, aren't they?

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Do you feel uncomfortable with some of your facial and body hair? Are you totally over removing it or do you remove it the second you see it? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Lostchild

    I am mortified by all of it. Pale skin, dark coarse hair, which means all my unwanted hairs are …. very distressing. I am 34 with my tubes tied, so my hormones changed (mini menopause is REAL) and my hair removal has gotten so complicated!! :'( Thank you ladies for being brave and sharing. Xoxo love to everyone

  • Hailey Mullen

    I have a question . I am a 18 year old female. I am very self conscious about stuff and I don’t really have a person to ask these feminine questions.

    I have dark hair. I don’t look at my anus a lot , but I have noticed a good amount of hair around my anus. My question is, is it normal for women to shave or wax that hair? Do I need to do it?

    • Rachael

      Well that depends on the girl. If you want to shave, it would grow back in coarse and would be uncomfortable. You have hair there for a reason… To not create another place for you to feel weirdly sweaty. It can also make other things more noticeable… Like farting. There’s not really a problem with doing it overall but there’s no problem with not doing it either… For some women it’s just another place that would have to be shaved along with all the other areas so they may skip it. It’s truly up to the woman.

  • Taleah

    To make you totally aware, it is actually not normal for women to have facial hair even in small amounts. If you do have facial hair it’s because you have excess testosterone (male hormone) I went to the Dr. Because I had facial hair my family and friends in fits of laughter but it helped me detect and early case of PCOS a common syndrome that causes infertility…

  • GingerNut

    Oh gosh, I thought I was the only one! I have fine down on my butt cheeks but its LONG! I have strays sprouting out my chin and neck and two that keep coming back on my right nip! I have hairs in my butt crack too and a tuft at my coxix (spelt wrong?) i get so so paranoid that hairs are going to stick out of my clothes :-/
    I feel ugly and really unfeminine because of my hairs. Im too embarassed to ask my bikini waxer to “go round the back” – tell me, do any of u get ur butts waxed? Like… inbetween?
    Oh yeah, as if it werent bad enough that i have ginger pubes!!! ?

  • Lara

    I can so relate. Aside from the butt hair (unless we are talking bum-crack), I have all of it! I always assumed it was normal, but it is nice to hear so many other ladies that have it as well.

  • Courtney

    number 2 made me feel a lot better about myself

  • Jennifer

    You must be one hairy chick… Only place I got hairs is lip, and it’s light… All the others are a no and I would be waxing like it’s going out of style!! Yuk!

    • HappilyHirsute

      It’s always the ones that do not grow hair ‘there’ that has a problem with it… Waxing and shaving should be an option… Girls have hair on their lower backs… Stomachs (aka Treasure Trails)… Around their areola… In the cracks of their butts… Bikini likes… Side Burnes…. Fine feminie Moustaches… And yes it’s Normal. And no it’s not ok for others to bully us into thinking otherwise.

      • Lara

        I forgot about around the areola. That is a common one. Even for not hairy girls.

      • Jennifer


        • Hanniyah

          Jennifer, I honestly feel like giving you a kick on the bum, and you don’t even have hair there to cushion the blow :”D

    • Lara

      I know girls who aren’t very hair who have lip hairs, back hairs, extended bikini zones, hairy tummies, cracks of the bum, side burns, hairy hands/knuckles, etc. It is all pretty common. If you have dark brown/black hair, noticeable body hair is a given. Even blonde girls sometimes have dark body hair. Please don’t spread the myth that woman are naturally hairless. While you might not have much for body hair, the majority of us do. With some of us having hair comparable to some men. It is NORMAL and it is not something to point out on someone else.

      • Jennifer

        Yea.. not normal to be that hairy. . Gross. I never said woman are hairless.. most woman like to feel clean and sexy.

        • Mile38

          hair on a woman is very sexy and very normal!

      • Mile38

        mmmmm i love hairy women!

  • Sophia

    I grow hair on my lower back o.o I feel like I’m the only one with this problem lol

    • Sindy Uncensored

      Ugh! Same here! I’ve started to just ignore it these days.

    • Faith

      omg me too . i get hair on my lower back and stomache and i hate it so much

    • Lara

      I don’t have back hair, well I technically hair EVERYWHERE, but I don’t have noticeable back hair at this point. But I know many girls who do. Honestly, it is very common. My little niece even has it. It is one of those place that it makes more sense to leave it.

    • Mile38

      do not shave it, you are beautiful! I am in love with hairy women, im a male by the way

  • Yaaaas B****

    I thought that Spike (the reoccurring chin hair) and Destiny’s Child (the like 3 neck hairs that started sprouting this year) were abnormal. So glad I’m not slowly growing a beard.