10 New Year’s Resolutions All Shy Girls Need To Make

I’m a shy, introverted girl, which is something I’ve written about many times before. I’ve accepted myself for who I am, and I’ve become more outgoing throughout the last few years, but growing up as a quiet girl wasn’t always easy. I spent most of my time second guessing myself, because I had no confidence at all. I was always afraid to talk to people, and making conversation was really scary and difficult.

It took a long time for me to feel comfortable approaching people or talking to people I really didn’t know. In fact, I still feel painfully awkward when I have to make small talk, and I hate being by myself in social situations. I’m still known as a quiet person, and I doubt that will ever change.

A lot of you are like me, and I say, we should own being shy! But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work on some stuff too. It’s fine to be a quiet, awkward person, but to improve your own life, you have to learn how to get out of your shell just a little bit. Here are 10 new year’s resolutions all shy girls should make ASAP: 

Are you a shy girl? Which of these resolutions do you want to make? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments.

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  • Nicole Mack

    Thank you for this article; I was so upset when I read the title because I thought it was yet another person who thought shyness & introversion was a horrible disease needing to be cured. Yet, I was pleasantly surprised! I really appreciate your take on this. You offer great advice without trying to turn us shy girls into extroverts.