15 Hacks, Tips And Tricks On How To Really Use Dry Shampoo

I honestly can say that I don’t know where I would be without dry shampoo. It is a serious life changer, and if you’ve never used it, you need to stop what you’re doing right now and go out and buy a bottle. Dry shampoo is the best! It allows you to keep your hair looking clean and refreshed even when you haven’t showered in a few days, and it even gives you a boost of volume and texture for an effortless, sexy bedhead look.

However, you probably didn’t realize that there’s a specific way to use dry shampoo that will really let you make the most of it. There are also other items you can use in place of a can of dry shampoo if you’re in a bind. Want to take advantage of this great beauty staple? Here are 15 hacks, tips and tricks on how to really use dry shampoo. 


1. There is an overwhelming amount of dry shampoos to choose from! Here are a few favorites to help you pick the right one: 


2. Here are more options based on what they’re best for. PS: That little blue and white Blowpro option is my absolute favorite. 


3. If you put too much dry shampoo in your hair, just blow-dry it a little bit. Also, once you’ve massaged it into your hair, don’t touch your hair! Your fingers will make it greasy. 


4. A bristle brush is better with dry shampoo and helps work the formula in more. Don’t waste your dry shampoo – only spray it onto roots! 


5. Don’t just randomly spray your hair – spray into the roots. Part to one side, spray there, part to the other side, spray there. Also do it in the front and back roots. 


6. One thing to remember when applying dry shampoo is that you should let it sit in your hair untouched for 5-10 minutes before you massage it in. Let it really soak up the grease. 

dry shampoo tips


7. Or you can swish it through your hair a little, wait 5-10 minutes, then comb it through. 


8. One great thing about dry shampoo? It can hide your roots! I use Blowpro Faux Dry, which is a powder, and it really does hide my roots. But I have blonde hair – white powder on dark hair might make roots more obvious. 


9. So, if you have dark hair, make your own dry shampoo! 


10. Skeptical about making your own dry shampoo? Here are the benefits: 


11. Baby powder is a great, inexpensive option. I used to use it all the time before dry shampoo got really popular. I just like dry shampoo more because I like the smell. 


12. White rice flour is another DIY option for dry shampoo. 


13. This is a great tip. If you apply dry shampoo to your hair before bed, it gives it so much time to soak in and really leave you with fresh looking strands. 


14. Dry shampoo is even healthier for your hair, because it allows you to go a longer time without washing it. 


15. You can also always stick a comb in dry shampoo or baby powder and comb through – but make sure to get it in your roots. 


Which of these tips is your favorite? What did I forget to include? What’s your favorite dry shampoo? Tell me in the comments.

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