10 Things That Every Girl Wanted In Her Bedroom In The Early ’00s

Do you realize how cool it was to have inflatable furniture in the early 00s? Let me tell you how cool it was to have inflatable furniture in the early 00s.

Really, really cool.

No seriously, it was like the height of awesome. If a girl you’re friends with had a neon purple inflatable armchair in her room, chances are you’re going to be ridiculously jealous if her for the duration if your friendship…or until you convince your parents to get one for you.

This was just one of the coveted items a girl could have as room decor at the time, so check out all 10 of the things every girl wanted in her bedroom. You might find yourself getting jealous all over again.


1. An inflatable chair, especially if it had Britney Spears’ name on it.

britney spears inflatable chair


2. Those awesome see-through phones.

see through phone 90s 00s


3. A beaded curtain. Again, made better by Britney Spears

britney spears beaded curtain


4. A poster of your favorite pop-punk band that you thought was totally badass because you were, like, a little kid.

old blink 182 poster


5. Oh, and some photo of Orlando Bloom, probably.

orlando bloom early 00s


6. Okay, not technically a room decoration but who didn’t want those colorful clamshell iBooks?

clamshell ibook color


7. A glittery caboodle to put all your glittery awful makeup that you aren’t even really allowed to wear yet.

glitter caboodle


8. Those awesome pod chairs.

pod chair


9. A boombox to play your Destiny’s Child CDs on. Bonus points if it has Hello Kitty on it!

hello kitty boombox


10. And, of course, those awesome glow in the dark stars that were all over the ceiling.

glow in the dark stars


Did you have any of these decorations? Would you want any of them in your room now? Tell us in the comments!

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  • I also like Blink 182, hihi. Get more decor about bunk beds here http://www.buycheapbunkbeds.net/

  • msnoone24

    Yes, I had those stupid glow-in-the-dark stars!!! lol. Good times.

    • Marissa Ferguson

      I still have them on my ceiling. XD

  • Lauren

    I still like Blink 182. . .

    • Ashley Reese

      Same TBH