10 Ridiculous Yahoo Answers Questions About Asexuality

We’ve talked about asexuality before on Gurl, but in case you’re clueless here’s the quick and dirty: Someone who identifies as asexual generally doesn’t experience sexual attraction. Some ace folks experience romantic attraction, some even have sex if they have an itch that they want to scratch. But sexual attraction? Not really on their radar.

This is a pretty straight forward concept, right? Yeah, you’d think so, but people are still super confused by it. To be fair there are plenty of legitimate questions to ask regarding asexuality, especially for people who think they might be asexy. But OMG, some people took their utter cluelessness to the next level and let the whole world know about it via Yahoo Answers. So here are 10 Yahoo Answers questions about asexuality that will make you go, “uh…what?”


1. Asking the tough questions.

asexuality yahoo answers questions 9

eric glorious panties


2. Is this person thinking of sponges?

asexuality yahoo answers questions 7

naomi skins wtf reaction


3. These asexuals just keep sprouting up out of nowhere! They’re like, weeds or something. They’re taking over!

asexuality yahoo answers questions 6

dion scared


4. I don’t think this works the way you think it works. asexuality yahoo answers questions 5



5. Um…

asexuality yahoo answers questions 3

but im a cheerleader im a homosexual

Probably a lesbian?


6. Concerned friend or judgmental jerk?

asexuality yahoo answers questions 11

why not both gif


7. Too many porns.

asexuality yahoo answers questions 12


8. Wait, what?

asexuality yahoo answers questions 2

sex hurry wrap it up


9. First of all, everyone feels lonely. Second of all, find a different way to pick up girls.

asexuality yahoo answers questions 1



10. That’s definitely up for debate.

asexuality yahoo answers questions 8

Which GIF speaks to you more? This?

sherlock scarf walk

Or this?

benedict cucumberpatch

(I’m for the latter.)

Are you an asexual girl who receives a ton of stupid questions about asexuality? What are some of the most ridiculous ones you’ve heard? Tell us in the comments!

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10 Ridiculous Yahoo Answers Questions About Bisexuality

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  • Jerilynn Lilly

    I’m ace, and this was my conversation with my hairstylist:
    Me: I’m asexual homoromantic!
    Her: What now?
    Me:I don’t find people sexually attractive, but I am attracted romantically to peeps my own gender (girls in my case)
    Her: So you’re a lesbian.
    me: No, I am a lesbian without sex. I have a girlfriend, and we just hug and stuff.
    Her: So you have sex, then?
    Me:(facepalms repeatedly) NO! I DON”T HAVE SEX! NEITHER DOES SHE! WE JUST CUDDLE ALL DAY!!!!!!!
    Her: Ohhhhhhhhh…………..ok…………….so, who’s on top?
    Me: (Officially gives up)

  • virescence

    Best stupid question I’ve ever had in real life:

    “Are you a eunuch?”

    (Never mind that it’s not actually physically possible for me to become a eunuch in the first place because you kind of need a penis for that…)

    • Vivian Li

      that’s hilarious