Can You Fix Your Vagina If Your Labia Are Different Sizes?

Dear Heather,

One of my vagina lips is bigger than the other one and it looks like someone squeezed the life out of it. It hangs down longer than the other one and makes me self-conscious. Is there a way I can fix that?

Let’s clear something up really quickly: what I think you’re referring to is your labia, the outer and inner lips of your vulva. The outer lips (the labia majora) are what you see right away when you look in the mirror. The inner lips (the labia minora) are the folds inside that join at the clitoral hood. It’s just helpful to know what exactly is going on down there so it’s less confusing.

There is nothing abnormal about having two different size labia. It’s not weird, it’s not uncommon, and it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with your vagina. Many, many girls have different size labia. Actually, it’s really rare to have perfect symmetry down there! Every one’s vaginal area looks different, no one is the same. A lot of girls are in the exact situation as you: they see porn or other sex scenes, where everything looks “perfect” down there, and they assume that’s what everyone should look like. It’s a frustrating standard set for women.

Your only option to change the way this looks is plastic surgery on your labia. I don’t recommend this – plastic surgery, just like any surgery, is dangerous and has it’s risks. Everyone has the right to have plastic surgery if they choose, but it’s a big decision that requires a lot of consideration. Don’t jump into this, and don’t assume you have to do it.

It may take a while, but you just need to learn how to feel confident about the way your labia look. Remind yourself that this is not weird, and remember that anyone who sees you naked is lucky to do so! And they’ll probably be so excited that they won’t even care what’s happening down there.

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