20 Of Our Best Posts About Bisexuality To Answer All Your Questions

Even though it’s 2014 and we’ve made a lot of advances when it comes to sexuality, we still haven’t gotten to where we should be yet. Case in point: the controversy that still surrounds bisexuality. Despite the fact that many people in this world identify as bi, there are still a lot of conflicting views about it. Some people believe that everyone is actually bisexual. Others don’t even believe it exists at all.

Whatever your thoughts are on bisexuality, one thing’s for sure: it can be a confusing time in anyone’s life. When you realize that you might like boys AND girls, you might not know what to do. That’s why we’re here! We’ve given tons of advice, and wanted to put it all in one place. Here are 20 of our best posts about bisexuality.


Are You Bisexual? 


How Do You Know If You’re Bisexual or a Lesbian?

Are You A Lesbian or Bisexual If You Kiss Another Girl?

Are You Bisexual If You Get Turned On By Lesbian Porn?

Quiz: Could You Be Bisexual?


Info About Bisexuality 

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10 Ridiculous Yahoo Answers Questions About Bisexuality

Everything You Need To Know About Bisexuality 

12 Myths About Bisexuality That Are Totally Not True

10 Crazy, Interesting Facts About Bisexuality

What To Do If Your Friend Is Bisexual And You Feel Weird About It

Does Coming Out Really Always Make You Happier?

Are You Born With Your Sexuality?


What To Do If You’re Bisexual

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7 Things You Must Know Before You Hook Up With A Girl

8 Tips On How To Deal If You’re Crushing On Your Best Girl Friend

Ask A Guy: How Do You Let Guys Know You’re Bisexual?

How Do You Come Out As Bisexual To Your Family?

Should You Date Someone If You’re Confused About Your Sexuality?

10 Tips On How To Ask Out Another Girl


Stories About Being Bi


15 Celebrities Talking About Bisexuality

7 Of Your Comments About Bisexuality

7 Fictional Characters Who Show Us The Diversity Of Teen Sexuality


Which of these posts is your favorite? What are your thoughts on bisexuality? Tell me in the comments.

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