10 Personalized DIY Gifts For When You’re Short On Cash

Guys, shopping for holiday gifts can not only be exhausting, but it can also seriously put you into major debt. I know firsthand how stressful it can be to want to get gifts for friends and family. You want to get everyone something that is super personalized so it doesn’t seem like you don’t care, but where’s a girl supposed to get all that money from?

If you’re tight on cash this year, but need to get gifts for a ton of people, the best and only route to go is DIY. Seriously, there are so many cute and cool things that are all over Pinterest that even the lamest of crafty girls (i.e. me) could totally pull off. So make a quick trip to your local craft store, look through your mom’s old stuff, and grab a glue gun! Here are 10 personalized DIY gifts when you’re short on cash. 

1. Give your BFF the cutest ring picture frame ring holder that she can display on her dresser. 


Learn how to make it here! 

2. If you know someone whose got way too many nail polishes or little things that she needs to keep in one spot, then these cute handmade pouches are great. 


Learn how to make it here! 

3. If you’ve got a major coffee or tea drinker that needs a gift, make them these adorable hand painted mugs with metallic Sharpies. They’ll love them. 

Learn how to make them here! 

5. Stumped on what to get your mom who juggles a million different things? Why not whip up this fun dry erase message board. 

DIY Dry Erase Message Board DIY Dry Erase Message Board from A Picture Frame

Learn how to make it here! 

6. Know someone who’s asking for a new phone or tablet this year. Instead of buying them a run-of-the-mill case from a store, make them one with their favorite colors and patterns. 

printed phone pouch 1

Learn how to make them here! 

7. If there is someone in your life that’s had a pretty rough year, make them customized bath scrubs of their favorite scents. They will love how relaxing these are and that you cared enough to remember. 


Learn how to make them here! 

8. Do you know someone who loves taking baths with bath bombs, but hates how much they cost? Make them these little bath bombs out of mini-muffin tins and a few ingredients. They will love your forever! 

35 Easy DIY Gift Ideas People Actually Want -- easy bath bombs using a muffin pan!

Learn how to make these here! 

9. Got a friend who loves homemade, interesting jewelry but you know you can’t afford to find them something that they will love? Make them a beautiful necklace instead! (I’m definitely making one of these for each of my friends!)

diy necklace 1

Learn how to make them here!

10. This is the perfect gift for a guy or a girl. Everyone needs a little tray to hold things that come out of their pockets or purses that they need a place to store. Enter these cute trays that you can make for anyone. They will totally fall in love with these and wonder how they ever lived without one. 


Learn how to make these here! 

Would you make any of these for your friends and family? Do you have any other gifts that you make that you would like to share? Tell us in the comments below! 

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