10 Thoughts You’ll Have When Holiday Shopping For Bae

Shopping for bae is not like shopping for anyone else in your life. No, it’s much more important. Bae is your long-term love. You can’t just get them any gift. They’re not a friends with benefits, you know?

As much as you love your bae, you’ve kinda run out of ideas on what to get them for the holidays. It’s not that you don’t care. You’ve just been together so long and it’s like… what’s left? Here are 10 thoughts you’ll have when holiday shopping for them:

1. Time to break out the list…

Okay, what did I get them last year?

2. Oh I have the perfect idea!

Well of course it was a good idea. I did it two years ago.

3. You know, I really hate that shirt bae always wears.

Obviously a new outfit is a good idea.

4. What is bae getting me?

I hope it’s that Michael Kors wallet I texted them.

5. Not to be ungrateful, but I know their mom picked it out last year.

She has good taste, though.

6. Probs should do a couples gift.

Like if I love a spa day, bae will love a spa day.

7. Should I do something sentimental?


8. OMG I can’t find anything.

I am the worst girlfriend ever.

9. I should just ask.

*texts Bae*

10. At least relationships mean if you hate it, you can return it.

But bae will love it because I said so.
Are you in a long-term relationship? What are you getting your bae? Tell us in the comments below!
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10 thoughts you’ll have when shopping for a gift for your new boo

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