Ask A Guy: How Do You Know If A Guy Likes You Or Just Your Boobs?

Dear Joel, How can I tell if a guy likes me for me, or if he just likes my boobs?

Guys like boobs – it’s a universal truth. I’d like to say that guys change with age, and as they get older are less focused on your physical features. But sadly, this isn’t always the case.

In an ideal relationship, a guy will be completely crazy about every aspect of you, regardless of your physical attributes. More to the point, he’ll love everything about your body regardless of whether you’re all about that bass or more on the treble side of things. But figuring out if he just wants you naked or is into you for the complete person you are can be a very frustrating and trying on the way you feel about yourself.

There are a few ways you can know whether or not he’s only into you for your body without asking him outright, and the first would be to slow down any physical relationship you might have. Focus on getting to know each other better as people, and if he is completely engaged with you and interested in who you are, then that’s a very good sign.

Think about how he interacts with you on a daily basis. If he’s supporting your goals and trying to be a part of your life in full, then that’s a step in the right direction. If all he wants to do is get you alone and get naked, that suggests he’s only in things for the physical aspect.

At the same time, your partner being really into your body isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Regardless of your body type, someone who really loves you will be head over heels to get your clothes off; but it’s about finding a balance and making sure you’re comfortable with how things feel both literally and figuratively. If you feel he dwells too much on the physical side of things, then take control and find the balance you are comfortable with.

If I were you, I’d really start by toning down your physical relationship, as that will have very quick impact, and hopefully he’ll show you he’s into everything that you are, and not just your curves.

Best of luck!

Joel Freimark has done a lot in life and seen even more. From last minute international travel to bizarre places to writing award winning books, he’s here to bring his wisdom to all your problems. He hosts a weekly advice series on Youtube and a music series also on YouTube.. No question is too outrageous or personal, so go ahead and fire away! Follow him on Twitter.


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  • Sofi Pink

    Hey, ive been texting this guy for months and we keep trying to make it work but we always end up fighting. It seems like all he wants is dirty pictures and sex, but i dont want to lose him, can someone please help?x

    • kela

      Just do it …you will enjoy

    • Dee

      Honestly, a guy like that isnt worth it, but i think you should tell him how you feel & let him understand that a real relationship is not or shouldnt be only about dirty pictures or sex, theres more to it than just that, those are just extras, a relationship is about trust love & happiness if he opposes or argues about it, its not love but dirty desire /: good luck my love no worries if somethimg happens, youll be one step closer to true love (: