The 10 Bras Every Girl With Big Boobs Needs To Own

Yesterday, I found out something that shocked me: my little sister only owns one kind of bra. One!! Kind!!! She found it a few years ago, loved it, and bought a bunch of different ones in different colors, and she’s stuck with it ever since. As someone who owns an abundance of bras for every possible situation, this came as a huge surprise to me. She, on the other hand, could not understand what I was freaking about it.

For anyone who agrees with her, let’s get this straight right now: all bras are not created equal. There’s a reason why there are so many varieties. One bra won’t work for every wardrobe moment of your life. I mean, you can’t wear your push-up bra to the gym, just like you can’t wear a black bra under a white t-shirt. Whether you’re new to this or you’ve just fallen into a pattern of wearing what you know and love (like my sister), listen up: here are the 10 bras every girl needs to own, like, right now. You already know what I’m buying my sister for Christmas this year.

Which of these bras do you already own? How many bras do you have? What’s your favorite and least favorite kind? Tell me in the comments.

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