Which PLL Girl Is Destined To Be Your BFF?

PLLOkay, I’m going to admit something: I’m not that big of a Pretty Little Liars fan. I know, I know, the horror! But in my defense, I read all the books and followed the show for the first three seasons. Then I had an “I can’t with this show anymore!” moment and refused to try and keep up. There were so many changes and I just couldn’t wrap my head around everything. And god forbid I miss one episode! Someone either dies, comes back to life or gets shot – it’s way too much for my psyche to deal with.

But there is one saving grace about the show, and that’s the girls themselves. Say what you want about the plot lines, but there have been many moments when I’ve wanted to be BFFs with one, two, or all of our favorite liars. Each girl has their own issues, but through it all, they’ve always been pretty good friends with each other. Have you ever thought about which PLL character you would totally be BFFs with? Find out by taking this quiz!

Which character did you get? Do you think you could actually be friends with her? Let us know in the comments below!


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