21 Cliche Things That Happen In Every Single Episode Of Pretty Little Liars

Last night was the Pretty Little Liars ChristmAs Special. It was ridiculous in the best ways. (If you haven’t caught up on the show, now is the time to stop reading because SPOILERS.)

I was nervous when Mona died that we wouldn’t see her again, but Dead Mona is her replacement. She’s flawless and everything you’d expect and more. The ChristmAs episode didn’t really tell us anything except that Ali knew Bethany, and Mrs. D groomed Ali to be a liar. Oh, and there was a weird premonition Mrs. D that everyone is in danger or something.

This episode was super silly, but they managed to cram every single PLL cliche into it so I’ll give it props for that:

1. One or all of the girls gets a text from A

“What r u up 2? xoxo -A”

2. Or there is a weird, largely visible message from A

A+ for effort… get it?

3. Someone separates and goes into a dark room alone

It’s been five seasons. Why are we still splitting up?

4. Someone is in a creepy mask that is the stuff of nightmares

BRB not sleeping for a week.

5. The police are sketchy AF


6. There is some high end detective work that high schoolers would not possibly know how to do

Unless you’re Veronica Mars.

7. There are absolutely absurd outfits

Sure, you can run from A in 5-inch heels! Seems legit!

8. Someone wears a hood

Black, white, red…

9. There is someone hot to distract you of the legit horrors of the episode

“Sorry you almost got murdered again! Let me take my shirt off.” -Every guy on the show

10. Someone who has been missing shows up all mysterious-like

Oh, hai Kesha!

11. Parents are MIA

Really, though, where are everyone’s parents?

12. A attacks someone

A never meant to kill. A only meant to maim or seriously injure! LOL JK A totally meant to kill.

13. Ali is a total psychopath

Someone put this girl in Radley, STAT.

14. And has access to nearly impossible resources

How does she have access to 100 fake passports and IDs?

15. Someone talks about trust

Or lack thereof.

16. There are excellent one liners


17. No one questions the inappropriateness of this relationship

Technically, Aria is 18 now, but like, no one cared she was dating an adult and teacher when she was underage.

18. Visions from the dead

First we saw Ali, although she wasn’t dead. Now, we see Dead Mona, who is the literal best.

19. Hanna says something stupid

Poor Han. She’s actually kinda smart.

20. There are some ~clues~

That probs won’t ever be brought up again.

21. There are more questions than answers

WTF is going on?
Do you watch PLL? Did you watch last night? What else happens in every episode? Tell us in the comments below!
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