25 Unique And Awesome Gifts For Your Dad Under $25

Every year, I realize that dads are really difficult to shop for because dads just don’t ask for things. If you ask your dad what he wants for the holidays, he’ll probably tell you he wants new socks or something super practical. That’s how dads are!

I was at a total loss what to get my dad last year. He loves Seinfeld so I got him a gigantic framed poster of Kramer’s portrait for his office. When it comes to your dad, think of something special that you share that you can expand on. (This year, I’m giving him a portrait of me dressed as Kramer because it’s hilarious.) And if you still can’t think of anything, I’ve picked out 25 unique gifts that are under $25:

What are you getting your dad? What’s your favorite gift above? Tell us in the comments below!
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