25 Things Every Single Girl Does While Procrastinating Studying

I was a total nerd, loved school, and was pretty good at studying. Except, and you’ll find this true with most writers, I’m a procrastinator. I work better under pressure and get more done when I have a deadline. Even though I procrastinated, I still got tremendous grades so if you’re a procrastinator, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad student. Although it’s better to not procrastinate and just get things done!

However, I know that’s really difficult because I have trouble taking that advice even as an adult. It’s one thing to procrastinate on a project or something, but procrastinating while studying can be detrimental, especially if there’s a lot to review. But it happens, and you’ll probably do things while you’re avoiding your study guide:

1. Decide that you can’t study until your room is clean.

I mean, duh. It’s, like, the rules of studying.

2. Whilst cleaning, deciding that you need to sort through all of your clothes and get rid of stuff.

To donate and make room for new things, obviously.

3. Rearrange your entire room.

Feng shui!

4. Make a snack.

You’re supposed to take snack breaks like every 15 minutes, right?

5. Check Facebook.

6. Check Twitter.

7. Check Instagram.

8. Check Tumblr.

Basically, check every account you have.

9. Refresh your emails, just in case you got anything.

Like an email saying your exam has been cancelled!

10. Make another snack.

Nom nom nom.

11. Text your friends to see what they’re doing/hope they’re also procrastinating.


12. Upload an Insta with all of your papers and books and caffeine.

#studying #finals #stressed #helpme

13. Study for 15 minutes, then shop online to treat yourself.

You deserve it.

14. Check your phone because you think you maybe heard it buzz.

It didn’t.

15. Take a YouTube break and get sucked into a blackhole of Harry Potter fandom videos.


16. Decide you’d study more if you took a shower.

You can’t study with dirty hair.

17. Dry your hair.

You can’t study with wet hair.

18. Make another snack.

All the snacks!

19. Stalk your crush online and wonder if they need help studying.

You should text them.

20. Reorganize all of your notes.

How can you study if they’re all out of order?

21. Decide you need some caffeine to properly study.

You clearly have to go to Starbucks.

22. Talk to your parents about how hard you’re studying.

“Yeah, I’m studying so much!”

23. Play with your hair.

Pick off your split ends.

24. Have a mild panic attack because you literally haven’t done anything.


25. Try sleeping with your books and notes under your pillow.

Are you a procrastinator? What do you do to procrastinate? Tell us in the comments below!
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How to STOP procrastinating!

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