14 Real Girls Reveal Their Stories About Never Being Kissed

My first kiss was not particularly exciting or eventful, and I really wish it had been with someone else. But I was one of those girls who just got it over with. For whatever reason, there’s a lot of pressure to kiss someone by a certain age, which is just silly. It shouldn’t be like that! You should kiss someone on your terms when you’re ready and when it feels right for you!

As much as I say that though, it’s probably better than you hear it from people who didn’t rush into their first kiss. If you’ve never been kissed and feel alone, you’re NOT! Check out these girls who shared their “never been kissed” stories:

Have you had your first kiss yet? If not, do you feel weird about it? Why or why not? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Fer

    I have kiss a lot of guys but is not such a big deal if you’re not enjoying it like lasts week I kissed this guy I’ve been wanting to hook up with since I saw him and he now like likes me so we hooked up and he’s like super hot but he was like super rushed and he was all sloppy and all of his cuteness was over with it I mean not really because the way he hold me was like super good so yeah but is not worth just stay with the cuteness

  • jesuisunepizza

    17 here, never kissed anyone (guy or girl or nb) or been in a relationship but tbh romance is not the most important thing in life and it’s perfectly okay to not want a relationship or anything like that (whether you’re aro or just have a lot more important stuff going on or anything) or just not have one until later on in life 🙂 it’s not some coming of age wright of passage, it doesn’t suddenly make you more adult. it doesn’t change nearly as much as tv and movies makes it seem.

  • Yologirl

    I’m 16 and never had a kiss or a boyfriend. ;( My fault for only falling in love with older guys.