16 Dudes Who Look Better In Eyeliner Than You Ever Could

This past weekend I caught an indie movie with some friends of mine called A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night. It’s basically an Iranian Western noir film about a young woman who is a vampire. It was pretty awesome, but aside from the girl power undertones, something else caught my eye. In one scene, the male lead was rocking eyeliner as a part of his Dracula costume. Um, I’m going to be real with y’all: He looked so hot with that eyeliner n that I wish he just wore it for the rest of the movie.

Let’s just dump the gendered crap out the window right now and deal with the fact that dudes can look super hot with makeup, especially eyeliner. No need to call it guyliner, we’re calling it what it is: Eyeliner, a thing that dudes can wear, too, and look just as awesome as girls. Hell, some of these dudes look better in eyeliner than I do. We’re giving these 16 guys–fictional and real–props for rocking some seriously killer eyeliner.

Pharrell Williams

Okay, Pharrell is so hot that he could wear a jacket covered in poo and feathers and he would still get a "yes please" from ninety percent of straight women and gay men. So it's only right for him to look ridiculously hot with eyeliner. This might have been a one off thing but he should totally do it more often. Who else would love to see hot black dudes wearing eye makeup? All of your hands better be up.

Photo source: US

Pete Wentz

Right before pop-punk petered out, Pete Wentz was pretty much the babe of the scene. He also rocked eyeliner better than any 13-year-old girl on the planet. Never forget.

Photo source: People

Colin O'donoghue As Captain Hook

You don't even have to watch this show to be attracted to this dude's eyeliner. I've only seen this dude in GIFs and that was enough to put him on my radar. Like...hello.

Photo source: ABC

Russell Brand

Listen, this dudes opinions might be controversial and some might think that he looks like he hasn't bathed in weeks...but one thing is certain: Dude's eyes are slammin' with that eyeliner. Period. The end.

Photo source: Hodder & Stoughton

Kurt Cobain

RIP to one of my original BAEs and the king of not giving a damn about adhering to gender norms. Kurt wore dresses and boas and makeup without once feeling like he had to apologize for it. And guess what? Dude looked awesome.

Photo source:

Johnny Depp As Captain Jack Sparrow

One word: Guh. Like, I'm pretty sure dude probably smelled disgusting--he was a damn pirate--but that eyeliner makes up for that.

Photo source: Disney

Billie Joe Armstrong

Billie Joe started wearing eyeliner when "American Idiot" came out and just...never seemed to stop. That's okay, carry on, it's a good look.

Photo source: Nylon

David Bowie

In the '70s David Bowie wore all of the makeup and it all looked impeccable, eyeliner included. Dude was like the king of androgyny at the time and it was awesome.

Photo source: Facadeacademy

Gerard Way

Who didn't have a crush on this dude at the peak of their screamo glory days? Hell, dude is still hot and rocking the eye makeup like a champ.

Photo source: Tumblr

Jared Leto

Jared Leto as Jordan Catalano or Jared Leto as a eyeliner wearing babe? Uh, honestly, it's up in the air and that's saying a lot because Jordan is iconic but...that eyeliner...sigh.

Photo source: Telegraph

Masanobu Ando As Kazuo Kiriyama

If any of you have watched Battle Royale you probably were paying a lot more attention to all the blood and not so much to this dude's subtle eye makeup game. Well, when you get the stomach to watch it again, be on the lookout!

Photo source: Battle Royale

Damon Albarn

Okay so he only really wore it in that one music video for "Universal" during Blur's peak in the '90s but still...that was some serious A Clockwork Orange inspired hotness.

Photo source: YouTube

Robert Smith

The '80s were definitely a time when dudes in the rock scene wore makeup on the regular, but Robert Smith from The Cure definitely pulled it off better than anyone else. And he still wears it 30 years later. He gets points for longevity for sure.

Photo source: Tumblr

Noel Fielding

Noel is hot in that weird, wonky British way that is beyond description, right? But he's especially hot when he's rocking eyeliner. Luckily, that's a pretty common occurrence.

Photo source: Tumblr

Adam Lambert

Liner. On. Fleek. That's all that needs to be said, honestly. Dude also knows how to apply foundation better than most girls, too. Props.

Photo source: Tumblr

Those Goth Kids On South Park

Yes, they count.

Photo source: Comedy Central

What other male celebrities or characters rock amazing eyeliner? Do you think that guys wearing akeup should be more socially acceptable already? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Michelle Aldeano

    Brandon Urie(Panic! At the disco vocalist) and Brandon Flowerrs!(The Killers vocalist)

  • joannacamilley

    I love me some guys with eyeliner. Thanks so much for this post! Brb, drooling.

    • Ashley Reese

      No prob, I love dudes with eyeliner, too. Happy to spread the love!

      • joannacamilley

        I was so happy to see Pete Wentz and Kurt Cobain on here, though I guess they should be staples of any list of guys who wear eyeliner.

  • Vy07

    K-Pop artists…

    • Ashley Reese

      That’s true! Any group in particular that really lays on the eyeliner?

      • Vy07

        Beast (B2ST) and Infinite. They are specific idols; Baekhyun, T.O.P, Jaejoong, G-Dragon, and Key.
        There are quite a majority that wear eyeliner and wear it well 🙂