10 Gifts To Get Your Best Guy Friend Under $25

Having a guy BFF is great. He can make you laugh with just one word, and can totally be you voice of reason when you’re having issues with your girlfriends. I know people think that guys and girls can’t be friends, but that’s so not true. Guys and girls balance each other out and are perfect to have around.

Many people think that it’s super easy to shop for guys, but the truth is, it’s kind of hard. I mean, guys are usually super low key and don’t need or want new things until something is broken. If you have a guy friend that you need to shop for this holiday season, but are totally stumped on what to get him don’t worry! Here are 10 gifts to get your guy friend, all under $25!

GRID-IT! Organizer CPG-10 Black

Your guy BFF will love you forever for getting this super low key organizer for all of his stuff. He can use it to organize all of his gaming stuff or use it for his bag to hold all the little things that would get lost at the bottom. $11.59

Get it at: Target

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Two Months Subscription To Netflix

This is the ultimate gift for a guy to get. He'll be able to watch all of his favorite shows where ever he wants. You're get the BFF award for this one guaranteed!$8.99 per/mo

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H&M Wool-blend Hat

This is the perfect gift for any guy, but espeically for your BFF. You know that he loses hats super easy and with the super low price, $9.95 you'll be able to get him two!

Get it at: H&M

Photo Source: H&M

Bey-Berk Travel Manicure Set

Guys are always asking their friends that are girls for things to deal with their nail issues. Pick him up one of these really handy, slim manicure sets for guys. He'll love that everything is in one place and with a little help from you, he'll learn all about proper nail care. $22.90

Get it at: Forever21

Photo Source: Forever21

Merona® Men's Black Dopp Kit

Guys need little bags to hold things just as much as girls do. Grab him one of these simple black bathroom bags to store everything he might need on a trip. $9.09

Get it at: Target

Photo Source: Target

Men's Cognac Bifold Wallet

If your bestie is walking around with a Velcro, action figure wallet, it's time for an upgrade. Get him this classic cognac wallet to step up his style.

Get it at: Target

Photo Source: Target

Colorblocked Hooded Knit Henley

This relaxed sweatshirt is the perfect gift for any guy. It's simple and he'll totally love the two-toned color combination. $19.90

Get it at: Forever21

Photo Source: Forever21

Herringbone Tweed Backpack

A new backpack is a great way to start off a new year. This bag is really cute but still really manly. $24.80

Get it at: Forever21

Photo Source: Forever21

Jack Black SuperFly™ First Class Travel Essentials

Whether they like to admit it or not, guys need to use facial products just like we do. He may feel weird going into a store and asking for something, but that's where you come in! Pick him up this travel set that he can easily bring with him everywhere. His skin will thank you later. $18.50

Get it at: Sephora

Photo Source: Sephora

Skinny Pin Dot Tie

Ever see your guy friend sporting a tie that doesn't look quite right? It's problably because it's his dad's or older brother's. Get him his very own tie and he'll feel super special and mature. $7.90

Get it at: Forever21

Photo Source: Forever21

Is there anything on this list that your guy friend totally needs? Have any other gift ideas? Let us know in the comments below! 



15 Gifts For Your Boyfriend Under $25 No One Else Will Think Of

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