Would You Rather: Winter Weather Disasters

winterWinter is coming! That’s not an excited statement, it’s a terrified shriek. Every year, without fail, I have major issues with the freezing temperatures. Ever since I moved to NYC, I’ve dealt with slipping and falling on black ice, tripping over sidewalk snow banks, and not being prepared for the wind that blows through the buildings.

I can recall ripping three pairs of pants, damaging two pair of boots, and rocking two awful scars on my knees from my countless meetings with the sidewalks. I miss the simpler times when all I had to worry about was making it to my car and back. If you’re half the klutz that I am, you’re dreading this winter too. Which winter issues would you rather deal with this year, play this week’s round and find out! 


What are your embarrassing winter stories? Are you excited for the freezing temperatures that are on the way? Let us know in the comments below! 

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