10 Ridiculous Yahoo Answers Questions About Bisexuality

There’s a lot of BS that surrounds bisexuality. Somehow people are convinced that sexuality is black and white, as if someone can’t possibly find attraction to more than one or multiple genders. God forbid someone find attractive qualities of guys, girls and every other gender identity in-between.

Of course, people love to voice their cluelessness and ignorance about a concept as simple as bisexuality all over the Internet. And what better place than Yahoo Answers to deposit all the ridiculousness? Check out these 10 ridiculous Yahoo Answers questions about bisexuality that will make you lose faith in humanity.


1. No, bisexuals are just made up creatures. They just don’t exist or something.

yahoo answers questions bisexuality 1


2. Um, that depends on the person?

yahoo answers questions bisexuality 10


3. That’s not how bisexuality works…

yahoo answers questions bisexuality 4

annoyed eyeroll


4. This isn’t how it works either.

yahoo answers questions bisexuality 7

beavis and butthead shut up

And can you not fetishize Asian dudes, please?


5. Probably not.

yahoo answers questions bisexuality 6

sabrina the teenage witch dance


6. Er, “emotionally bisexual” though?

yahoo answers questions bisexuality 8




yahoo answers questions bisexuality 3

beyonce boo hoo crying


8. No, but there’s probably an awful porn about this, unfortunately.

yahoo answers questions bisexuality 5

but im a cheerleader im a homosexual


9. NO.

yahoo answers questions bisexuality 13

dear white people ugh


10. Long hair = gay, apparently.

yahoo answers questions bisexuality 12



What other ridiculous myths have you heard about bisexuality? Have you been the victim of any ignorance personally? Tell us in the comments!

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10 Ridiculous Yahoo Answers Questions About Lesbians

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  • ben crensh

    One of my friends said that you cant be bisexual you have to pick one or the other,and another one said that they will cheat.People am i right?

  • Brianna8675309

    So i told my best friend that i was bisexual about a year ago. Her immediate response was “but you dont look like it.” So i ended up having totell her about fifteen of her thoughts about bisexuality were incorrect (including the one that all bisexuals are afraid of elephants. Im not sure where she came up with that one) and by the end of that conversation, i was trying not to laugh at some of the things she thought. Talk about some weird myths she heard.