15 Flawless Responses To Use When Someone Asks You To Send Nude Pictures

There comes a time in every girl’s life when she’s asked to send nude pictures. It’s not something we particularly want to be asked, but it happens nonetheless. Or you may get bombarded with a penis in your messages. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked to send nudes to people I don’t even know!

Now, let me be clear: if you’re of age (because anything under 18 is considered child pornography) and want to send nudes because you feel like it as a consenting adult, that’s your choice! I will never shame someone for sending nude photos to another person who consented to getting said nude photos. The problem lies in that people ask (read: beg) for them and then get MAD when you don’t send them. A good human may test their luck, ask for nudes, and then will be fine if the other person says no.

Sometimes saying no can be difficult, especially with the added fear of what can happen if you reject someone. So behold these amazing responses you can use if someone asks you for nudes that you don’t want to send:

1. Send the word “nude” instead:

Not inaccurate.

2. This terrifying idea:


Also, this comes from an app called “Send This Instead.” The Ontario Provincial Police Child Sexual Exploitation Unit launched the app to help ease the sexting pressure teens get. They have some amazing responses on the app!

3. This classic photo:

I mean, it’s gold.

4. Follow this genius move:

5. Go with Michael Cera:


6. Add some sass to your shower:

Also, like, who brings their phone into the shower?

7. Take the supernatural route:

Can’t argue that one.

8. This scientific approach:


9. This weird AF answer:

I can’t even.

10. Send a nude cat:

This is my favorite.

11. The “too dark” move:

“Sorry my flash doesn’t work!”

12. This play on words:

Literally a topless “me” so not incorrect.


This girl is my hero.

14. This sassy and true statement:

Want some ice for that burn?

15. JUST NO:

While clever responses are awesome, you absolutely under no circumstances have to send someone nude pics. You can say no.

How do you respond if someone asks you for nudes? What is your favorite response above? Tell us in the comments!
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  • JustAGirl

    This guy asked for some pics of my boobs so I sent him a picture of the booby birds. I made sure there was two birds in the photo so he’d have a pair of them. You could also try sending him photos of chicken breasts, like from KFC, or send a picture of Pingu (Noots)

  • Icannotthinkofanamepleasehelp

    How about sending noods? I’m a guy, but when I catfish online, when someone asks for nudes, I just send them noods (no relation to nudes, but they are noodles)

  • Réal Sisco

    This was so helpful because I am against sending nudes since they can be leaked and it’s uncomfortable for me so finding a better way to say no is great.

  • fabapie

    I love when this happens to me, you can get some of the best reponses

  • Elizabeth

    This guy wants me to send him pictures of my boobs so I’m sending this:

  • Daisy Bennett

    i said ‘nope’ and he was like ‘yes tho’ and i was like ‘nope tho’ and then he was like ‘k’, so WIN FOR ME