20 Cute and Crazy Frozen Tattoos Every Fan Will Be Obsessed With

The Disney movie Frozen has become such a huge obsession that I can’t even believe it came out barely over a year ago. Everyone has been so in love with it that it feels like it’s been out forever! From endless renditions of “Let It Go” to tons of Frozen merchandise to many attempts to copy Elsa’s epic braid, you can’t get away from the movie.

Basically, Frozen is everywhere – even etched into people’s skin. Frozen tattoos are a thing, whether you love it or hate it. I try not to judge people for what they choose to get as a tattoo, because that’s a personal decision, but some of these are pretty crazy! Regardless, any fan will be obsessed with these. Here are 20 cute and crazy Frozen tattoos you’ll love:


1. This simple “Let it go” with a snowflake design is really pretty with a big statement. 

frozen tattoo



2. This “Do you want to build a snowman” line is getting into pretty crazed-fan territory… 


3. I love this dark take on the “let it go” tattoo. 


4. This colorful tattoo was based on Elsa’s bedroom decor. 


5. This snowy, magical Elsa tattoo is super elaborate. 


6. This girl combined her two favorite Disney movies into two very detailed tattoos. 


7. If you weren’t a fan of Frozen, you wouldn’t even realize where these lyrics are from. 


8. This beautiful snowflake and let it go tattoo is my absolute favorite on the list. 


9. And here we go with the Olaf tattoos. They’re more popular than you would think! 


10. A different take on the Frozen tattoo is this perfume bottle. 


11. This would make a sweet couples tattoo. 


12. Here is an extremely happy Olaf. 


13. These Elsa and Anna tattoos look like Russian dolls, which is really unique. 


14. This stained-glass version of Elsa is also super different. 


15. To be honest, a tattoo of a reindeer is a little much for me, but… whatever. 


16. This is another really pretty version of let it go. 


17. This is… a lot. 


18. As is this. 


19. This literally frozen rose is pretty unique. 


20. And lastly, here is a slightly more modern version of the popular let it go tattoo. 


Which of these Frozen tattoos is your favorite? Which is your least favorite? Which one would you get? Tell me in the comments.

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