10 Thoughts You’ll Have When Shopping For A Gift For Your New Boo

When you’re in a new-ish relationship around the holidays, it can be a little stressful because you don’t really know what to get them as a gift. If you’re in a long-term relationship, you know what your boyfriend or girlfriend will like and what they do and don’t want or need. New relationships are very tricky to holiday shop for because there is this weird pressure of how much to spend and what’s appropriate to give. So complicated!

If you’re holiday shopping for your new boyfriend or girlfriend, you’ve definitely had these 10 thoughts:

1. Wait… How long have we been dating?

Are we counting the days here?

2. What if they don’t get me a gift?


(True story: my last boyfriend didn’t get me a Christmas present and then kept saying he felt badly about it but never actually got me anything.)

3. Or what if they get me a really expensive gift and mine is cheap??

We should probably have discussed price points.

4. Or what if I get them a really expensive gift?


5. I don’t even really know what they like…

Um… I know they like movies and food so?

6. Is a gift card lame?


7. What if I make them something?

I can be crafty!

8. Ooh, I know! I’ll get something that’s a gift for both of us!

Yes, brilliant!

9. But is that selfish?

Oh. Oh, yes, probably.

10. Screw it, I’ll get them a sweater.

Everyone loves sweater weather and then I can “borrow” the sweater and everyone wins.

Are you in a new relationship? Are you exchanging gifts for the holidays? What are you getting them? Tell us in the comments!
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