#ICantBreathe: 22 Of The Best Twitter Reactions To The Eric Garner Decision

Photo source: Instagram

Photo source: Instagram


De ja vu time: Another police officer has been indicted after killing an unarmed black man. Yesterday, a New York grand jury decided that there wasn’t enough evidence to charge officer Daniel Pantaleo with a crime after his fatal chokehold killed 43-year-old Eric Garner during an arrest attempt back in July. Despite the fact that the entire event was caught on camera, despite the fact that Garner stated 11 times that he could not breathe and despite the fact that the Officer Pantaleo wasn’t allowed to put a suspect in a chokehold in the first place according to the NYPD rule book, Pantaleo won’t be charged with a single crime.

All I have to say is W…T…F?

What does it take for an officer to get charged with a crime? If Garner was a white man would his death also be seen as unworthy of a trial? The charge doesn’t even have to be murder; not even manslaughter? There’s an old saying that goes, “a grand jury could indict a ham sandwich” but I guess that doesn’t work with police officers.

In the wake of the Mike Brown decision, the recent death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice by a police officer, and countless others, it feels like it’s open season against black people and the police can get away with it. As a black woman and a decent human being, this makes my blood boil. What is it? Is it because we’re stereotyped as dangerous thugs? Probably, which is why white people can often get away with crimes that black people never could.

The Eric Garner decision sparked outrage on social media, of course, from angry celebrities and angry everyday people. If you aren’t angry, too, you aren’t paying attention. Here are 22 powerful reactions that will make you want to go out and protest!


1. Shona Rhines, the woman behind Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder, is asking the question that we should all be asking.

2. Just in case you weren’t furious enough…


3. Just so we’re clear.

4. In case you were wondering what Eric Garner’s tragic last words were, John Green gave us a reminder.



5. Cops only seem to have a chance of being charged with a crime in an episode of Law and Order as this clever Tweet points out.

6. For those of you who think #AllLivesMatter…

7. Unfortunately, nowhere is safe for black men and black women.


8. Sometimes you can’t make something into a joke.


9. Consider who you’re supporting when you don’t have an opinion on these kinds of issues.


10. And we’re supposed to get excited about cops wearing body cams?


 11. Some well intentioned white people who understand white privilege decided to show how cops often treat white suspects and criminals a lot better than black people and other people of color:

 12. Oh, and remember this kid?

13. And this guy?

14. But the narrative of black people being stereotyped for no reason is more important.

15. These aren’t just isolated incidents. These are real people with real lives dealing with real racism.

16. And it’s not just an American issue, either!


17. Akilah Hughes laying down the truth bombs.

18. Seriously, racism is absolutely exhausting:


19. Aaron Paul pretty much summed up many people’s thoughts.

20. Check out this grim reminder from Jesse Williams.


21. And Questlove felt all of our resignation with the world.

22. Oh, and just in case you’re one of those people who is quick to blame unarmed peope for their own deaths and sneer at people protesting these injustices, think about this:


Are you upset about the Eric Garner decision? Are you surprised by the reaction? Tell us in the comments!

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25 Of The Most Powerful Twitter Reactions To The Ferguson Decision

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  • emma1267

    blacks are 7x more likely than any other race to commit a murder. 8x more likely to commit robbery.


  • How do we even begin to deal with the outrage of over 1,000 citizens being executed in the streets each year without a trial? This is the number of police shootings estimated by press compilations since the government and law enforcement don’t even track the real figure. When 84% of surveyed officers admit to witnessing and not reporting excessive use of force, the entire system is corrupt. You can’t call these murders isolated incidences anymore. This brand of pig’s head soup is bitter to swallow at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2014/12/pigs-head-soup-outrage-of-justifiable.html where we’re burning it down.