Which Harry Potter Character Should You Date?

harry-insideI find nothing wrong with crushing on guys from movies. In fact, I encourage it. These characters were created to make girls swoon and be swept off their feet.  There are a few guys who’ve made my movie character crush list. All of them bring something different to the table, and I love mixing and matching their traits to come up with my perfect guy… in my head, that is.

Now, I know these guys aren’t real, and comparing guys that are real to them is unfair, but hey, you can’t blame a girl for dreaming, right? There are some movies with great casts of boys that any girl would love to date. One of my favorite groups is the guys from the Harry Potter movies. There is someone for every girl’s taste and with their magical powers thrown in for an extra boost of hotness, there is no stopping them. Have you ever wondered which Harry Potter character you would date? Well, the wait is over! Time to take our quiz and find out which Hogwarts guy is meant to be yours.


Who did you get? Do you think you two would be a perfect match? Let us know in the comments below! 

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