15 Unique and Fun Gifts For Your Girl Friends Under $20

No matter how well you think you know your friends, picking out the perfect affordable gift for them can be difficult. Every year, my group of friends and I do a Secret Santa – some years, I get a friend and know exactly what to buy her; other years, I get a friend and I have no clue what I’m doing. In those times, a gift guide like this one would be helpful.

Whatever your friend is into, I guarantee that she’ll love one of the items on this list. They’re all adorable, fun, unique and also actually useful, which is always nice. These little items are things that we wouldn’t always think to buy ourselves, but I know I would appreciate getting any of them as a Christmas gift. Stuck on what to get one of your besties and trying to stay under budget? Here are 15 unique and fun gifts for your girl friends, all under $20: 

Which of these gift ideas is your favorite? Which would you buy for your friend? What did I forget to include? What kind of gift guide do you want to see? Tell me in the comments.

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