8 Tips On How To Stop Letting Your Ex Make You Feel Terrible

Breakups are tough, and dealing with an ex-boyfriend can be even harder, especially when you haven’t gotten over that person yet. I know how difficult it can be to still have feelings for an ex while knowing that things will never go back to the way that they were. This situation can cause you to feel miserable, depressed, angry and hopeless.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from going to therapy, it’s that no particular person or situation can make you feel terrible – only you can do that. You have control over your mind, and you alone have control over your perspective of something. Regardless of what your ex does, you have the ability to control how you feel about him. So, if your ex is making you feel bad, you can’t change him, but you can change the way you let him make you feel. How? Read on. Here are 8 tips on how to stop letting your ex make you feel bad:

Are you in this situation right now? How do you deal with it? How do you get over someone you used to date? Tell me in the comments.

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