Which Movie Girl Group Are You And Your Friends Most Like?

friendsA lot of us have a group of friends that we hang out with all the time. They’re the people that you sit with at lunch, study with after school, and hang out with on the weekends. It’s really important to have a couple of people that you can go to with any problems or when you’re upset to make you laugh.

For some of you, you’re friends may be characterized into certain “groups” that most schools have. They’re the girls who care too much about how they look and boys, the ones who play sports and are relatively nice, the group that may be a little misunderstood, and finally just a group of friends who enjoy each others company. Some of these may sound familiar because these groups are usually depicted in teen movies. Have you ever wondered which movie group you and your friends are most like? Take our quiz and find out! 

Which group did your friends get? Did you agree with your answer? Let us know in the comments below! 


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