12 Things Guys Think About Dating That Girls Don’t Understand (According To Them)

While I hope for equality between the sexes on every level, I think it is very accurate to say that the dating world is really different for males and females. According to basic societal rules, guys are the ones who are supposed to be making the first move, winning the girl over, and coming off as strong and confident rather than meek and nervous. Girls aren’t supposed to say exactly what we feel (we’re “supposed to be” mysterious) and we shouldn’t hook up too soon. We should be nice and polite, but it’s also pretty socially acceptable for us to laugh in a dude’s face while rejecting him, while if a guy did that, he would be labeled as a total jerk.

Of course, there are are plenty of people who try to discourage us from following these “rules.” Here at Gurl, we’re always encouraging you guys to make the first move, treat people with respect, and explore your sexuality without the fear of labels. But that doesn’t mean that guys don’t have a different perspective on dating than we do. This Ask Men Reddit thread explores that, and it’s really interesting to see how the opposite sex feels about relationships. Here are 12 things guys think about dating that they think girls just can’t understand: 

Which of these things surprised you the most? What did you already know? What do you disagree with? Tell me in the comments.

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