25 Emoji Gifts To Give That No One Else Will Think Of

I feel like 2014 was the year of the emoji. I’ve been using emojis for years, but this year emojis have been everywhere. We also found out that more diverse emojis would be coming our way in 2015, and we thought about what kind of things we needed emojis for. I desperately believe we need a unicorn one, which is thankfully on the list of new emojis.

As someone who texts almost explicitly in emojis, I very much appreciate emoji merchandise. They’re a big part of our culture so why not include them in more than just text convos? I have a few emoji shirts, but I’m really looking forward to getting some emoji gifts for the holidays because you better believe I put them on my wishlist. You’ll be the holiday queen if you give these 25 emoji gifts because no one else will think of them:

Are you going to give any of these gifts for the holidays? What’s your favorite? Do you want any emoji gifts? Tell us in the comments!
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