10 Thoughts You’ll Have If You Dream About Your Ex

Whether you’re going through a breakup or have been broken up for ages and are totally over your ex, there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to have a dream about your former boo. It’s not your fault. Your subconscious just decided to mess with your head a little bit and have you make a mountain out of a molehill. It happens, don’t worry.

You could have a sexy dream about your ex or a dream about them wanting you back. Maybe you hate them and have a dream about them getting hurt and then wonder if it’s your fault if something actually happens. The bottom line is that you can’t control it if you have a dream about your ex, and you’ll definitely have these 10 thoughts if you do:

1. Ummm…

Well that was weird.

2. What in the fresh hell was that?

Like… what?

3. What does it mean??

I’m so confused.

4. Are they thinking about me?

I mean, probably, I’m amazing.

5. Does this mean I still have feelings for them?

LOL no.

6. Should I reach out to them?

LOL no.

7. Are they dreaming about me too?

Let’s be honest: probably.

8. Really, what was the point of that though?

Get it together, brain.

9. Did I just get Incepted?


10. Not sleeping for days.

The obvious solution.
Have you ever had a dream about your ex? What happened? Did you have any of these thoughts? Tell us in the comments!
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