20 Signs Your BFF Will Be Your Best Friend Forever

This morning I saw new research about how to know if you have a “true friendship.” At first I was like, “Hmmm, interesting…” and then I read it and I was like, “Um WTF is this?” According to a new study, you only have a “true friendship” if you’ve been friends for at least three years, if you call each other eight times a month, and if you hang out at least twice a month. So, in other words, this study sucks.

First of all, saying you can only have a true friendship if you’ve known each other for at least three years is ridiculous. I have some very close friends who I haven’t known that long, and I would never say they aren’t “true friends,” because they are! When you meet a person you’re really compatible with as a friend, it doesn’t matter how long you two have known each other. Second, saying you have to see each other or talk to each other a certain amount of times per month is completely false. My very best friends and I are so busy that we sometimes go months without seeing each other. But they’re always there for me when I need them, and I love them like family members. Our time apart doesn’t change our friendship.

This research got me thinking about what really makes a good friendship. It’s things like loyalty, honesty, trust, having a good time, and… well, let’s leave it to some GIFs to explain the rest. Here are 20 signs you’ve found your best friend ever:


1. You two can hang out, do absolutely nothing, and still have a good time.

zendaya bella thorne

You actually usually have more fun together at home than out with other people.


2. You can tell each other the truth about tough situations without hating each other.

new girl honest


3. If you DO get into a big fight, you make up pretty quickly.

friend fight

In the meantime, you spend a lot of time missing her.


4. You can go a few weeks without hanging out while remaining just as close as ever.

best friend

It’s like no time has passed!


5. There is never a time when one of you doesn’t owe the other person money. 


At this point, it’s just whatever.


6. You both insult each other all the time, but you know you’re doing it out of love.

pretty little liars gif

She rarely actually hurts your feelings.


7. Their parents call you their other child.

miley waving

You’re invited to family functions as if you’re the standard plus one.


8. You can walk into their kitchen and find food on your own without feeling weird and awkward.

elf food gif

“Oh, you guys made pizza last night? DON’T MIND IF I DO.”


9. You’ve hung out with their family without them on at least one occasion.

jennifer lawrence gif

And you had a really awesome time.


10. Your extended family knows who your BFF is and always asks about her. 


Your grandma is always like, “Where’s your friend, honey? Why isn’t she here?”


11. They’ve probably seen you naked. 

friends dancing

…because you change in front of them because you really don’t care.


12. You guys cuddle together all the time without there being any weirdness. 

gossip girl


13. You no longer knock on their door when you come to their house.

friend kiss

I mean, you basically live there.


14. You are way past the friendship phase of trying to impress them. Now you are 100 percent yourself no matter what.

weird faces

Why would you put on makeup if you’re just going to your besties house?


15. You know their social media passwords and they know yours. 


Because sometimes you might need to use their page to do a little stalking, it’s no big deal.


16. You’ve done incredibly embarrassing things in front of them and you guys are able to just laugh about them like it’s no big deal.

easy a


17. Whenever you go out without your BFF, everyone else is like, “Where’s so-and-so?” 

friends hugging

Because you’re basically a package deal.


18. You become close with her other friends and she becomes close with yours.

now and then

It just becomes a big mixing pot of friends!


19. Even when everyone and everything else sucks, you know you have her, and that at least makes you feel better. 

parks and rec


20. Your first thought when you saw this list was “I need to put this on her Facebook wall.” 

the fox and the hound


Who is your best friend? What makes you guys the best friends ever? What did I forget to include? Tell me in the comments.

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  • Kevin Burrell

    I am sorry to hear Adengirl. I lost my best friend too. Years ago.

    • Caleb Gilles

      what cause makes you lost your best friend? Kevin Burrell?

      Please let me know,cause i have a best friend male now. we do not want to loos each other.

  • David

    The password thing is a bit too much.

    Also, BFFs prevent their friends from having a boy friend, by telling her “don’t go with this guy”, or by preventing guys from approaching her friend: (selfeshness +

    • Kevin Burrell

      So true even though I am a guy, I had a male friend I was crazy in love with, my best friend and he would get jealous about this same situation. I miss him with all my heart and haven’t moved on yet. It’s been 10 years 🙁

    • Kevin Burrell

      I am 30 and I hate my age. I wish I could be 17-19 again and start over. I was crazy about my close friend. I said some things that would haunt and I regretted later.