10 Gifts Every Body Positive Plus Size Girl Will Love

We’re all about body positivity here at Gurl, especially when it comes to our girls who are plus size. Yes, every body can be shamed, but larger bodies get the brunt of the insults. If they aren’t told that their bodies aren’t acceptable when they try to find clothes that fit in their favorite store, they’re told so to their faces by total jerks or even friends and family in well meaning but disastrous ways. We don’t live in a world that tells bigger girls that they’re allowed to exist, and that’s effed up.

Whether you or a friend is all about embracing her plus size body–wether through fat-acceptance or the body positivity movement–then y’all are going to love getting these rad gifts during the holidays. Here are 10 gifts that every self-loving plus size girl will love. Oh, and for those who aren’t quite ready to embrace themselves yet, there are a few goodies in here for them, too!

All Bodies Are Bikini Bodies Pocket Mirror!

For those of you who need a gentle reminder that all bodies deserve to be in bikinis, get a little nudge with this pocket mirror.

Buy it at Etsy $5

All Bodies Are Good Bodies: Star Power Print

Body positivity is the way to be, y'all. Why not support it with this awesome poster that would look absolutely rad on a bedroom wall? Yeah, move over the crush collage just slightly for this baby.

Buy it at Etsy $10

Thick Thighs Saves Lives Embroidered Patch

Can we get a hell yes? Hell yes we can. This patch would look awesome on everything from a denim jacket to a backpack. Or maybe even sewn in the back pocket of a pair of tight jeans. Rad.

Buy it at Etsy $12

FAT!SO? : Because You Don't Have to Apologize for Your Size

This has been touted as the fat acceptance bible by a ton of activists, and for good reason. This book is all about embracing the body you've got instead of torturing it with unhealthy diets and negative self-perception. This is a great book for those who aren't quite on the fat acceptance bandwagon yet, too; nothing wrong with a healthy dose of empowerment!

Buy it at Amazon $13.15

Fat Is Radical Patch

For the punky, DIY set, this patch would look awesome on the back of a jacket. Hey, maybe the jacket can be part of your gift, too!

Buy it at Etsy $5

SparkleFat: Poems That Intend To Be Seen by Melissa May

Into deep poetry that holds absolutely nothing back? Basically, poetry with a healthy dose of real talk? Then SparkleFat is just the ticket.

Buy it at Etsy $12

Work In Progress Zine

There are so many zines highlighting body image and this is just one of them. From fat acceptance to feminism to teenage girldom, author and illustrator Gemma Flack covers all the bases. Check it out!

Buy it at Etsy $2.64

A Super Rad Button: Fat Vanity

Whoever says that somebody is hot "for a big girl" needs to be chucked off a cliff. Just do it after reapplying some lipstick. A little vanity isn't just for girls who wear a size two!

Buy it at Etsy $2.50

My Thighs Touch Because They Love Each Other Pin

Enough of the obsession over thigh gaps. There's nothing wrong with thighs touching! Let 'em all know with this pin.

Buy it at Etsy $3

Thunder Thighs Print

More wall art! This thunder thighs print says a lot by saying very little. The picture says it all: Nothing wrong with a big pair of thighs! It doesn't lower a girl's badass level.

Buy it at Etsy $7.06

What other plus size positive catchphrases would you want on a pin or patch? Do you support fat acceptance? Tell us in the comments!

You can follow the author, Ashley Reese, on Twitter or Instagram. Don’t worry, she doesn’t bite!


10 Things Plus Size Girls Can Wear No Matter What The Haters Say

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