8 Social Media Habits That Are Completely Ruining Your Life

Social media is obviously everywhere these days. I mean, I’m on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram basically every hour that I’m working and then some. While I try to cut back on my social media use when I’m not on the clock, it’s pretty difficult to do because everyone is online all the time. It’s kind of exhausting, if I’m being honest.

While social media is a wonderful tool for staying in touch with old friends, sharing funny things, and keeping up to date with the news, it also causes a lot of problems in our lives. There’s the whole issue of cyberbullying, which we’re all too familiar with. There are also a lot of negative effects that social media can have on your health. And your social media habits themselves can also cause a bunch of issues:

Do you do overuse social media? What about checking it first thing in the morning? What other effects do you think social media has on you? Tell us in the comments!
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Social media can also make breakups a lot worse

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