Which Hunger Games Character Should You Date?

hg-featureIs it just me, or are there others out there who have MAJOR crushes on the characters in The Hunger Games movies? I mean, I know the premise of the story is about rebellion and basically killing people, but I really wish some of the characters were real. How cool would it be to date Gale, a born fighter, or Peeta, with his compassion for others? How amazing would it be to have Katniss, everyone’s role model, as your girlfriend? Who wouldn’t want to date Finnick, who obviously has way more love in his heart than he would let on? Any of them would make a great significant other.

All of the characters are great, but you know there’s one that you like more than the other (personally, I’m obsessed with Gale).  If you’ve ever wondered which of  the characters you would date in real life, then look no further! Take this quiz to see which Hunger Games character you should date. Who knows, you might find someone in real life just like them.


Which character did you get? Are you surprised at which type of personality you’re attracted to? Let us know in the comments below! 


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