10 Ridiculously Good Tricks To Texting Your Crush

Raise your hand if you would rather text someone than talk face-to-face. Both of my hands are up… and a leg too. I’m the first to admit that I am insane when it comes to texting. I love being able to hold full conversations with people while being able to do a million other things (multitasking champion here). Texting has become my main form of communicating, and I’m not ashamed at all.

It’s not a secret that we all may be a little too involved with our phones and a little too weirded out when we have to look someone in the eye. This is especially true when it comes to texting a crush. I know I would much rather text him that talk to him. Why? Because we all want to be witty and cute texting mavens that have great comebacks and cheeky responses. It’s fun to be able to talk to someone without feeling  judged or self-conscious. There are so many ways to talk to a crush that it may seem intimidating at first, but don’t sweat it! Here are 10 lazy tips for texting your crush. He will be yours in no time!

Send Sexy Selfies Whenever Possible

He needs to know how you look even when he can't see you. You need to send at least six selfies throughout the day. That means you need to have you hair and makeup done at all times. This will show him how hot you are, so he won't forget.

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Only Talk About The Stuff That He Likes

Make sure that the conversation is always about the things that he likes to do. He's watching the game, so are you. He just got finished at the gym, what a coincidence, so did you! Making all of his interests your interests is the best way to show how much you like him.

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Screenshot Every Text And Show To Your Friends

You have to have the perfect response to every single text. Make sure to screenshot every piece of the conversation and send it to your friends and ask how to respond. It may take you an hour to answer a question, but hey, you need them to be perfect!

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Only Respond With One Word Answers

KK. OMG! Stop! Why? OOO. These are the only words you should be using to talk to him. Boys love it when they have to wonder what you actually meant to say. These one-word answers will keep him hooked on trying to figure you out.

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Send A Ton Of Question Marks

If you ask him a question and he doesn't respond right away, send him a million question marks. This way he knows that you really want to know his answer. It's not annoying at all.

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Tell Him All About Your Bad Day

When he asks you how your day went, go into a detailed recount of everything that happened to you. From the moment you broke your favorite eyeliner, to when you dropped your pencil in class, to the annoying girl at lunch. Text him everything. He asked, right?

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Steal His Phone And Turn On Read Receipts

Make sure that he is always getting your messages. Steal his phone the next time you are around him and turn on his read receipts. This way you will know when he has read your messages and you can time how quickly he responds.

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Only Converse With Emojis

Emojis are cute and fun to look at. Try to say as little words as possible and send only emojis. He will love how creative you are.

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Answer Every Question With A Question

The whole point of texting is to seem alluring and witty. When he asks you a question, respond with a question. For example, Him: "How are you doing?" You: "How do you think I'm doing?" Continue this for as long as possible. He won't be able to handle how secretive you are about everything and it will only draw him into liking you more.

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Always Be Busy

Never let him know that you are, "just hanging out." That's boring and lame. Whenever he texts you let him know that you are busy but that you will make time to talk to him because you like him a little more than other guys. He will love how special he feels to be the only guy who you make time for. And girls that are always busy are never boring, guys don't go for boring girls.

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How do you text your crush? What’s your go-to guide to getting him to notice you? Let us know in the comments below! 

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  • Ethan Halliday

    This is the opposite of what you wanna do. Guys hate when you answer with more questions as well. That example “How do you think I’m doing?” Would make me stop texting you. It’s just flat rude.

  • Mete the Turkish Boy


  • dewmer king

    i feel like people would actually take this seriously