20 Of Our Best Posts About Rejection To Help You Move On

Rejection is overall one of the worst feelings ever. Getting rejected from a school or a club definitely hurts a lot, but getting rejected by a person always seems to sting a little bit more. Hearing your crush say that he/she doesn’t like you back feels like getting kicked in the stomach, and being dumped because the “feelings are gone” can be even worse.

While being rejected definitely hurts the most, rejecting someone is also tough (unless you enjoy causing pain). It’s really hard to tell your best guy friend that you don’t like him that way. It’s super difficult to say no to a second date when you didn’t enjoy the first one. It’s not easy for anyone to say no to someone, especially someone who’s nice to us.

Luckily, we’ve written about rejection advice for whichever side you’re on. Want to know how to reject someone? Or how to deal if you’ve been rejected? Want to just laugh about it a little? Here are 20 of our best posts about rejection that will help you move on. 


How To Handle Being Rejected


How To Deal With Rejection

10 Quotes To Help You Deal With Rejection

Comic: Rejection Hurts

Your Complete Guide To Surviving Rejection

What To Do When You Tell Him You Like Him But He Never Responds

He Doesn’t Like You – Can You Change His Mind?

How Do You Get A Creepy Dude To Leave You Alone?

How To Reject Someone As Nicely As Possible

10 Tips On How To Say No To Anything

10 Signs He Doesn’t Like You


How To Reject Someone


How To Reject Someone When You’re Not Crushing Back

7 Tips For Letting A Guy Down When He Won’t Give You Up

Does Rejecting Someone Make You A Bitch?

The Secret Trick To Rejecting A Guy Is…


Rejecting A Friend

funny rejection

8 Tips On How To Nicely Reject A Guy Friend

7 Things You Must Know Before You Reject A Friend

What To Do When You Reject Your Guy Friend, And Now You Miss Him


Rejection LOLs

friends with benefits

10 Awesome Rejection Quotes We Should All Use In Real Life

14 Jaw-Dropping Responses Men Gave To Women Who Rejected Them

10 Thoughts You’ll Have When You’ve Been Rejected


Have you ever been rejected? Have you ever rejected someone? Which of these posts was your favorite? What rejection questions do you have? Tell me in the comments.

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